ETL Materials

ETL Materials

Rural America Cashes In Under Trump

December 05,2019 Jeff Davis shares his perspective on how the Trump administration has favored rural area transit funding, rather than urban. Share

List of Formal Proposals by USDOT for Surface Transportation Reauthorization Legislation

December 02,2019 Prior to first term of the Obama Administration, every previous President dating back to 1955 had formally submitted a proposed highway/surface authorization bill to Congress at least five months...

What has President Trump’s Department of Transportation done?

November 26,2019 Jeff Davis speaks with Stephanie Ruhl on MSNBC about the USDOT and urban vs. rural funding. Share

Critics fear Trump will tap auto exec for NHTSA

November 15,2019 Jeff Davis offers historical perspective on the timeline of President Trump’s NHTSA choice. Share

In the Trump Era, Transportation Funding Is Simple: Build Roads

November 14,2019 Eno Center’s Jeff Davis weighs in on how the modal section of Build grants favor roads. The past three years of discretionary grants have funded the construction of more roads and bridges while...

States Face Potential Loss of Transportation Funding

November 14,2019 U.S. News & World Report cites Jeff Davis on why the fundamental structure of transportation contract authority programs needs to be reconsidered. Share

BUILD-TIGER Grant Historical Statistics – FY 2009 Through FY 2019

November 12,2019 This is a three-page PDF document with three tables: State-by-state dollar amounts of total capital grants for each year of the TIGER (FY 2009-2016) and successor BUILD (FY 2017-2019) grant...

The Break Down: The Cost Of Fixing America’s Roads And Who Will Pay For It

November 08,2019 “The states, cities, metropolitan areas are not waiting for Washington to come to the rescue. They’re out doing their own things,” said Robert Puentes, the Executive Director at the Eno Center...

Project to cut congestion on I-270 moves along

November 08,2019 Vice President of Policy, Paul Lewis, discusses how to make traffic flow better on the highway through ramp metering. Share
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