March-April 1994 White House Memos on Air Traffic Control Reform Legislation

Series of internal White House memos from March-April 1994 evaluating the options for air traffic control reform legislation to be proposed by the Administration. The memos set the table for an April 13, 1994 meeting chaired by Vice President Gore to decide which of the four legislative options to select.

The PDF file has the memos in reverse chronological order:

  • An April 12, 1994 memo from Mike Schmidt to Bruce Reed giving him background for the upcoming April 13 meeting between Vice President Gore, Transportation Secretary Pena, Treasury Secretary Bentsen, Labor Secretary Reich, Commerce Secretary Brown, OMB Director Panetta, and several White House staffers to reach a resolution on what Schmidt called “the infamous ‘FAA’ issue.” Schmidt also enclosed:
  • A 7-page white paper entitled “Options for Restructuring Air Traffic Control Services.”
  • An April 5, 1994 cover memo from Schmidt to Reed forwarding…
  • An April 4, 1994 cover memo from Michael Deich to Elaine Kamarck and Bob Stone forwarding…
  • An April 1, 1994 memo from Jon Baker outlining a “GSE Option for Air Traffic Control” trying to split the difference between a government-owned and non-governmental ATC corporation.
  • A March 22, 1994 memo from Schmidt to Reed preparing him for an internal White House staff meeting the following day to discuss…
  • A draft decision memorandum for Vice President Gore dated March 22, 1994 outlining the four options for air traffic control reform, together with…
  • An undated memo entitled “FAA Restructuring and the Budget Enforcement Act.
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