Evaluating Potential Performance Measures for Congestion and Systems Performance

Evaluating Potential Performance Measures for Congestion and System is the result of a daylong meeting held on June 20, 2013, to discuss federal performance measures for highways spending. Eno, in conjunction with the Bipartisan Policy Center (BPC) and the State Smart Transportation Initiative (SSTI), will outline the workshop findings and engage in the discussion.

The published report summarizes the recommendations of Eno, BPC, and SSTI based on the workshop discussion and previous research, and includes recommended measures of congestion and system performance as well as additional considerations for their successful implementation. These recommendations integrate the performance measures currently in development or in use by workshop participants as well as the perspectives of participants related to these measures and their value to national, state, and regional interests.

Authors: Emil Frankel, Michelle Maggiore, Joshua Schank, Eric Sundquist, Brian Taylor, and Diana Williams, 7 pp. 2013.

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