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In the Spotlight: Matt Cole, Cubic Transportation Systems

Matt Cole is president of Cubic Transportation Systems and senior vice president of the Cubic Corporation. He is currently working on a new project – NextCity.

By Ann Henebery

In the Spotlight: Uber’s Andrew Salzberg

Representing Uber’s first-ever Global Mobility Policy Lead is Andrew Salzberg, who also recently joined Eno’s Board of Advisors. Andrew was able to take some time to talk with us more about his background and his newly formed position with Uber.

By Ann Henebery

In the Spotlight: Jeff Gonneville

February’s In the Spotlight interview featured Jeff Gonneville, Chief Operating Officer of the Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority (MBTA). Mr. Gonneville is also a 2015 graduate of Eno’s Transit Senior Executive Program.

By Ann Henebery

In the Spotlight: Mona Babauta

This month’s In the Spotlight interview features Mona Babauta, the first-ever Executive Director of SolTrans. She has been in the transportation industry for almost her entire career. She started with the agency in 2012 and is a recent graduate of Eno’s Transit Senior Executive Program.

By Ann Henebery

 In the Spotlight: Megan Ryerson

Dr. Megan Ryerson is an assistant professor in transportation planning and systems engineering at the University of Pennsylvania. She has a Ph.D. in civil and environmental engineering from the University of California and received her B.Sc. in systems engineering from the University of Pennsylvania in 2003.

By Ann Henebery

In the Spotlight: Rohit “Rit” Aggarwala

Rit is on Eno’s Board of Advisors and has recently started working for Sidewalk Labs, a new project brought about by Google and Daniel Doctoroff, the former CEO of Bloomberg LP and the former Deputy Mayor for Economic Development in New York City.

By Ann Henebery

In the Spotlight: Mantill Williams

Mantill Williams is the Director of Advocacy Communications at theAmerican Public Transportation Association (APTA). Prior to his current position, Mantill served as the Manager of Public Affairs for the American Automobile Association (AAA) Mid-Atlantic, and then as the Director of Public Relations of AAA National.

By Lindsey Collins

In the Spotlight: Greg Cohen

Greg Cohen is the President of the American Highway Users Alliance (The Highway Users), and is a Class of 1999 Future Leaders Development Conference (LDC) Eno Fellow. In his position at The Highway Users, Greg serves motorists and highway supporters as their advocate in Washington – pursuing federal policies that improve highway safety and reduce congestion

By Lindsey Collins

In the Spotlight: Phil Washington

Phil Washington has served as Denver’s Regional Transportation District (RTD) General Manager since 2009 and, prior to that, he was RTD’s Assistant General Manager for nearly ten years. He is also the Chair of the American Public Transportation Association, and a member of Eno’s Board of Directors

By Lindsey Collins

 In the Spotlight: Michael Audino

Michael Audino is one of the instructors for Eno’s new Airline Leadership Development Program (ALDP). He also serves as a Senior Researcher at the Center for Urban Transportation Research (CUTR) at the University of South Florida, where he leads research and education initiatives for a variety of airports and public transit clients. He is a specialist in developing strategic and operational plans, designing communications and public outreach strategies, and applied organizational research.

By Ann Henebery

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