Transportation Quarterly – 1999

Transportation Quarterly – 1999


Transportation Quarterly

Winter 1999 Volume 53, Number 1

A Letter from the President

Book Review: Review of Railroad Mergers: History, Analysis, Insight

Paul D. Larson

National Studies of the U.S. Transportation System

Edward Weiner

Models of Government Regulation of Privatized Transit Systems in Five Latin American Cities

David A. Lee

Planning Theories and Concepts, Implementation Strategies, and Integrated Transportation Network Elements in Curitiba

Marta E. Frausto

TQ Interviews: William W. Millar, President, American Public Transit Association, and Hans Rat, Secretary General, International Association of Public Transport

Kenneth Orski

Two Climatologists Discuss the Issue of Global Warming

Rupert Welch

Realities of Automotive Safety

Ronald G. Burns

Should Amtrak Survive as a National Rail System?

Randolph R. Resor

Attitude of Greek Drivers Toward Road Safety

George Kanellaidis

George Yannis

Mihalis Harvatis

Air, High-speed Rail, or Highway: A Cost Comparison in the California Corridor

David Levinson

Adib Kanajani

David Gillen

Transportation Quarterly

Spring 1999 Volume 53, Number 2

A Letter from the President

Technologies and Policies for Controlling Greenhouse Gas Emissions from the U.S. Automobile and Light Truck Fleet

Steve Plotkin

MPOs and Railroad Intermodal Terminals: Successful Development Strategies

Frank R. Harder

The Need for an Integrated Intermodal Transport Liability Regime

Regina Asariotis

The Evolution of Travel Demand Management

Erik Ferguson

TQ Interview: Francis B. Francois, Recently Retired Executive Director of AASHTO

Kenneth Orski

Traffic Engineering Approaches to Improving Pedestrian Safety

Richard A. Retting

A Strategic Overview of Goods Movement in the Greater Toronto Area

Julius Gorys

Imants Hausmanis

National Transportation Organizations: Their Roles in the Policy Development and the Implementation Process, 1999 Stakeholders Directory Update

Transportation Quarterly

Summer 1999 Volume 53, Number 3

A Letter from the President

Ideas in Motion:

Taxing Away the Benefits of Personal Vehicle Travel

Thomas F. Hogart

Drayage: Freight’s Premier Bench Player

Kevin N. Chang and Nancy L. Nihan

The New Transportation Faculty: The Evolution to Engineering Systems

Joseph M. Sussman

Recent Advances in Understanding the Effects of Highway Investment on the U.S. Economy

Arthur C. Jacoby

Effects of Highway Investment on the Competitiveness of U.S. Firms

Eric W Beshers

TQ Interview: National Transportation Safety Board Chairman Jim Hall

Rupert Welch

Y2K and WNRO: Implications for Transportation

Said M. Easa

Eva Lerner-Lam

Kenneth R. Harvey

How Local Jurisdictions Finance Traffic-Calming Projects

Asha Weinstein

Elizabeth Deakin

The Cost-Effectiveness of Safety Options for Big Public School Buses in Florida

Michael R. Baltes

Organizing for Traffic Safety: The Corridor Traffic Safety Program in the State of Washington

Steven D. Stehr

Book Reviews: James A. Dunn’s Driving Forces: The Auto and Its Enemies

Kenneth Orski

Transportation Paradise: Realm of the Nearly Perfect Automobile?

John Pucher

Transportation in America: Supplement to the 16th Edition

Rosalyn Wilson

Transportation Quarterly

Fall 1999 Volume 53, Number 4

A Letter from the President

Ideas in Motion:

In Search of “Livability” – A Commentary

Kenneth Orski

Smart Growth: Coming to a Place Near You

Roy Kienitz

A New Transportation Paradigm

Scheffer Lang

A Global Review of Energy Use in Urban Transport Systems and Its Implications for Urban Transport and Land-Use Policy

Jeff Kenworthy

Felix Laube

Increasing the Social Acceptability of Urban Transport Projects

Jonathan L. Gifford

Reviving HOV Lanes

Robert Cervera

Passenger Handling in Downtown Areas of Australia and New Zealand

Lynn O. Purnell

Bus Prioritization Measures in New Zealand and Australia

Cheryl D. Soon

Kang Hu

Mobility Demands of Urban Fields

Sigurd Grava

The Taxi as a Transit Mode

Michel Trudel

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