Transportation Quarterly – 1998

Transportation Quarterly – 1998


Transportation Quarterly

Winter 1998 Volume 52, Number 1      

A Letter from the President

Ideas in Motion: Promoting Bicycle Use in the United States

Creating Political Pressure for Cycling

Martin Wachs

Bicycling in the United States: A Fringe Mode?

Peter Gordon

Harry W. Richardson

It Will Take Incentives and Disincentives

Bill Wilkinson

Ideas in Motion: General Motors and the Demise of Streetcars

Rebuttal to “GM and the Demise of Streetcars”

Christopher Zearjoss

General Motors and Mass Transit … Again

Brian Cudahy

Revisiting the Demise of Streetcar Systems

Peter Cole

Evaluation of OmniLink Demand-Driven Transit Operations: Flex-Route Services

Randall G. Farwell

Electronic Screening in the I-35 Corridor

H. Maze

Chris Monsere

Michael Hancock

Dave Plazak

Bill McCall

Economic Competitiveness of Basing Development Patterns on Single-Occupancy Autos

Paul J. Pezzotta

Transportation Financing: A Critical Review of Transportation Pricing

Reza Navai

Asleep at the Wheel: A Review of Research Related to Driver Fatigue

George T. Taoka

Comprehensive Index for 1996 and 1997

Transportation Quarterly

Spring 1998 Volume 52, Number 2

A Letter from the President

Ideas in Motion: The Social Benefits of Personal Vehicle Travel

Thomas F. Hogarty

The Greater Toronto Area Urban Structure: Analysis of Progress Towards a Preferred Vision of Development

Julius Gorys

Glenn Miller

Maureen MacQuanie

TQ Interview: The Big Three Automakers Discuss the lVI Program

Rupert Welch

Freight Planning Requirements for Interstate Corridors

Billy M. Williams

Lester A. Hoel

Air Cargo Deregulation and JIT: Two 20th Anniversaries in American Logistics

Paul D. Larson

Utilizing Increased Discretion: Explaining State Speed Limits

Patrick Fisher

David C. Nice

Transportation Quarterly

Summer 1998 Volume 52, Number 3

Letter from the President

Ideas in Motion: The Business of Intermodal Freight Transportation

Gerhardt Muller

General Motors and the Demise of Streetcars: A Comment

George W. Hilton

Socioeconomics of Urban Travel: Evidence from the 1995 NPTS

John Pucher

Tim Evans

Jeff Wenger

Carsharing in Europe and North America: Past, Present, and Future

Susan Shaheen

Daniel Sperling

Conrad Wagner

The States, New Modes, and Federal Transportation Policy: Lessons from History for High-Speed Rail

Rohit T. Aggarwala

Truck Size and Weight Policy in the Midcontinent Corridor

Jeannette Montuja

Alan Clayton

Evaluation of Video Image Processing for Traffic Management Systems

Faisal Awadallah

Najib Habesch

ITS and Human Factors for the Older Driver: The U.S. Experience

Nikiforo Stamatiadis

When Cars Are Clean and Clever: A Forward-looking View of Sustainable and Intelligent Automobile Technologies

Brian Dudson

Transportation Quarterly

Fall 1998 Volume 52, Number 4

Letter from the President

Ideas in Motion:25 Years of U.S. Energy Policy: Successes, Failures and Some General Lessons for Public Policy

Charles Lave

The Social Benefits of Personal Vehicle Travel: A Response

Felix B. Laube

Federal Highway Funding – All the Basics

George D. Mazur

Adapting Public Works for Private Capital

Christopher Kopp

Joseph L. Schafer

David F. Schulz

Maintaining Older Driver Mobility and Well-being with Traveler Information Systems

David W. Eby

Lidia P. Kostyniuk

TQ Interview: Federal Aviation Administrator Jane F. Garvey

Rupert Welch

Bicycle Use and Safety in Paris, Boston, and Amsterdam

Scott Osberg

Sarah C. Stiles

Is lntermodalism Sustainable?

Bryan A. Stone

Comprehensive Index for 1998

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