Transportation Quarterly – 1997

Transportation Quarterly – 1997


Transportation Quarterly

Winter 1997 Volume 51, Number 1

Table of Contents

Letter From The President

Ideas in Motion

Counterpoint: Who Should Make Decisions Regarding Highway Maintenance?

Peter Samuel

Amtrak: Revenue Projections and Air Fare Sensitivity

Daniel G. Williams

Joseph J. Warren

ADA and the Demand for Paratransit

Jonathan C. Levine

Impact of Dredging New York Harbor

Asaf Ashar

Appraisal of European Freight Transport Corridors

Dimitrios Tsamboulas

Athanasios Ballis

Franco Ercolani

Parking Pricing Without Tears: Trip Reduction Programs

Richard W. Willson

Ten Myths About Transportation for the Elderly

Joseph F. Coughlin

Annalynn Lacombe

Planning Urban Networks: The Islamabad Example

John M. Frantzeskakis

Naveed A. Butt

Parking Policies and Commuting Behavior

Gerard C. S. Mildner

James G. Strathman

Martha J. Bianco

Managing Traffic Speeds in Residential Areas

Karl Kim

Leaders Fostering Leaders: An Investment in Tomorrow

Tracy E. Dunleavy

Simon Washington

Transportation Quarterly

Spring 1997 Volume 51, Number 2

Table of Contents

Letter From The President

Ideas in Motion

What Do Recent Trends Tell Us About the Success of Ridesharing Programs?

Carpooling: Past Trends and Future Prospects

Alan E. Pisarski

Ridesharing Programs Cost Little, Do a Lot

John Hirten, AICP

Steve Beroldo

Port Development Trends in Latin America

Paul E. Kent

Anatoly Hochstein, Ph.D.

Public Ownership of Railroads in the United States

David C. Nice, Ph.D.

Tel Aviv Transit Authority: A Proposed Structure

Robert E. Paaswell, Ph.D.

Electric Station Cars in the San Francisco Bay Area

Robert Cervera, Ph.D.

Metroroutes: An Urban Transportation Innovation

Christian Gerondeau

Open Access to Rail Networks

Arthur S. De Vany, Ph.D.

W David Walls, Ph.D.

Dilemmas of Transportation Security

Joseph Szyliowicz, Ph.D.

Paul Viotti, Ph.D.

Congestion Pricing: Public Polling Perspective

Thomas J. Higgins

Parking: Legislation and Transportation Plans

John Shaw, Ph.D.

Disseminating Transportation Information

Daniel B. Rathbone, Ph.D.

Transportation Quarterly

Summer 1997 Volume 51, Number 3

Table of Contents Letter from the President

Ideas in Motion: Maximizing the Economic Impacts of Transportation

Economic Returns from Transportation Investment

Damian J. Kulash

Why Invest in Transportation?

Lawrence D. Dahms

Moving People and Goods in a Global, Information-based Economy

Larry Magid

Putting Transportation Investments in Context

Cameron Gordon

A TQ Interview with Dr. Thomas D. Larson, Chairman of the Working Group on Intercity Rail

Rupert Welch

General Motors and the Demise of Streetcars

Cliff Slater

Impacts of Privatization on the Performance of Urban Transit Systems

Matthew G. Karlaftis

Jason S. Wasson

Erin S. Steadham

Congestion Thresholds for Lane Additions on Tollways

Abishai Polus

Joseph Craus

Secondary Crashes: An Important Component of Roadway Incident Management

Richard A. Raub

Railroad Track Productivity: A Historical Perspective

Jeffrey D. Chapman

Carl D. Martland

Distance-based Vehicle Insurance as a TDM Strategy

Todd Litman

Transportation Quarterly

Fall 1997 Volume 51, Number 4

Letter from the President

Ideas in Motion: What Does the Future Hold for Amtrak?

Overseas Experience Shows How to Shut Down Amtrak

Joseph Vranich

Amtrak Has a Future

Ross B. Capon

Is the Working Group Report a Prescription for Terminating Amtrak’s National System?

Joseph J. Warren

Ideas in Motion: Performance Measures and Transportation Funding

Transportation Funding: Formula Based or Performance Based

Anson Gock

MPO Performance: Why, How, When? A Scene from the Rear-View Mirror

David T. Hartgen

Bicycling Boom in Germany: A Revival Engineered by Public Policy

John Pucher

Legal Implications of Automated Highway Systems

Snehamay Khasnabis

James T. Ellis

Mirza F. Baig

Privacy and Electronic Clearance Systems

Robert Gellman

Airline Liberalization: The Case of the Israeli Airline Industry

Tomer Goodovitch

Toll-Road Partnerships: What Works, What Doesn’t, and Why?

Charles L. Wright

Daniel J. Freire Coloma

Road Transport in the Balkans

Richard Beilock

Krassen Stanchev

The Catch-22 of Congestion Pricing

Charles S. Colgan

Gary Quinlin

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