Transportation Quarterly – 1996

Transportation Quarterly – 1996


Transportation Quarterly

Winter 1996 Volume 50, Number 1

Letter from the Publisher

Building the Political Infrastructure for High Speed Rail in North America

James A. Dunn, Jr.

Anthony Perl

The Call for Transportation Ethics

LaRue Tone Hosmer

Transportation Infrastructure for Competitive Success

John D. Kasarda

Worldwide Express Small Package Industry

Brian P. Analla

Marilyn M. Helms

Keeping Track: An Inventory of Rail Service to U.S. Urban Areas

Joseph P. Schwieterman

Road Conditions, Border Crossings and Freight Rates in Europe and Western Asia

Richard Beilock

Paulina Boneva

Gergana Jostova

Katerina Kostadinova

Diana Vassileva

Villain or Bogeyman? New York’s Taxi Medallion System

Bruce Schaller

Gorman Gilbert

Understanding Causes of Injuries in Motor Vehicle Crashes

Karl Kim

Lawrence Nitz

Interdisciplinary Work in Traffic and Transport

Dr. Ing. Hans-Georg Retzko

Multi-State Applications of Intelligent Transportation Systems for Commercial Vehicle Operation

Michael L. Hancock


Kathleen Waggoner

Systems Dynamics Approach to the Transportation Sector

Larry Redd

Gary Schneider

Comprehensive Index and Synopsis of 1995 Articles

Transportation Quarterly

Spring 1996 Volume 50, Number 2

Table of Contents

Letter from the Publisher

ISTEA: Another Subsidy for Alternative Fuels

Frank S. Kelly

James I. Brannon

Conventional Bus Transit for a Small City: Shifting into High Gear or into Reverse?

Norman Coontz

Building Successful Alliances: Are Shippers Doing Their Part?

Brian Gibson

Stephen M. Rutner

Ray A. Mundy

The Effect of Yield Management on Railroads

Sandra Strasser

Customer Loyalty in the Airline Industry

Moonkyu Lee

Lawrence F. Cunningham

Shipper Perceptions of Carrier Performance: Can LTL Carriers Learn from Parcel Carriers?

Scott B. Keller

Fixing New York City Taxi Service

Bruce Schaller

Gorman Gilbert

Intermodal Freight Transportation and Highway Safety

David B. Clarke

Arun Chatteree

Stephen M. Rutner

Harry L. Sink

Trade Between the United States and Mexico

Linda K. Nozick

Strategic Visioning for ITS Regional Planning: A Case Study of Hampton Roads, Virginia

Wolfgang Pindur

George M. Yacus

A Probability Model of the Use of Toll Routes When Non-Toll Alternatives Exist

Frank Ekanem

Ibanga Akpan

Application of Vehicle Specific Information in Adaptive Intersection Traffic Signal Control

Alireza Kamyab

T.H. Maze

Reginald R. Souleyrette

Transportation Quarterly

Summer 1996 Volume 50, Number 3

Letter from the Publisher

What Should Federal Policy be Regarding the Funding of Highway Maintenance?

Patrick Allen

Urban Motor Vehicle Crash Research and Potential Countermeasures

Richard A. Retting

Transit-Based Housing in the San Francisco Bay Area: Market Profiles and Rent Premiums

Robert Cevero

Freight Transport in Western Europe: The Case for Using New Units of Measurement

Christian Gerondeau

TQ Interview: Rodney Slater and Gloria Jeff of the Federal Highway Administration

Promoting Bicycle Commuting: Understanding the Customer

James Williams

Jan Larson

Application of TQM in Public Transit Firms

K. Obeng

I. Ugboro

Scenic Byways Planning

Barry Spraggins

Mike C. Mitchell

Travel Among Non-Urban Elderly

Nikiforos Stamatiadis

Thomas R. Leinbach

John F. Watkins

A Campus Transportation Alternative, Revisited

Craig R. Carter

Eno Transportation Foundation’s Annual Conference: Rethinking Transportation Financing Policies

John Archer

Tracy Dunleavy

Transportation Quarterly

Anniversary Issue Volume 50, Number 4

Table of Contents

Letter from the President

Ideas in Motion

Getting There: Turning Responsibilities Back to the States

Jerry Wray


Leaders – Then and Now:

Search for Sustainable Transportation: Some Lessons Learned

Thomas B. Deen

The Interstate Highway System: The Beginning of a Challenging and Rewarding Career

Robert S. Holmes

Interview with Alan Boyd: Perspectives of the First Secretary of Transportation

Rupert Welch

Seven Ages of Air Transportation

R.E.G. Davies

Maritime Heritage and International Trade

Albert J. Herberger

Roads and Loads

Damian J. Kulash

Cities, Transportation and Change

Herbert S. Levinson

Intermodalism: 40 Years Young

Gerhardt Muller

Passenger Rail Service: Decline and Resurgence

David Nice

Road Financing in the U.S.

Gabriel Roth

ITS: A Short History and Perspective on the Future

Joseph M. Sussman

Economic Impacts of Road and Waterway Improvements

Rick Szostak

Around the Industry – Understanding Transportation History:

TRB Task Force on Transportation History

Alan E. Pisarki

AASHTO’s Study: History of the Interstate

Howard Rosen

The Historical Challenge: Transportation History and the Public

William L. Withuhn

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