Transportation Quarterly – 1995

Transportation Quarterly – 1995


Transportation Quarterly

Winter 1995 Volume 49, Number 1

Table of Contents

Letters to the Editor

Public-Private Partnerships in U.S. Highway Finance: ISTEA and Beyond

Stephen C. Lockwood

A Surface Transportation Agency: The Time Has Come

E. Dean Carlson

U.S. Maritime: Can It Compete?

Dr. Robert C. Waters

Transportation Management Associations: An Update

Erik Ferguson

Diane Davidson

ITS – A Revolution in the I-95 Corridor

Hal Kassoff

The Trucking Industry in a New Transportation Era: A TQ Interview With ATA’s Thomas J. Donohue

Secondary Boycotts – Airlines, Railroads

Frank N. Wilner

Measuring Transportation Performance

Reid Ewing

Are Drivers’ Manuals Understandable?

Norman A. Stahl

William A. Henk

Ulinda Eilers

Making Transit Irresistible: Lessons from Europe

John Pucher

Stefan Kurth

Unregulated Taxicabs

Peter T. Suzuki

Index of TQ Articles for 1994

Transportation Quarterly

Spring 1995 Volume 49, Number 2

Editor’s Comment

Letters to the Editor

In Memoriam: Harold F. Hammond

Electric Vehicles: Promise and Reality

Frank Kreith

Paul Norton

DenaSue Potestto

Sinclair Weeks Was Right!

Robert V. Delaney

Intermodal Freight Transportation, Transload Option

Mary C. Holcomb

Barton Jennings

Probing Railroads With AAR’s Harvey A. Levine

Incremental High-Speed Rail Issues

Daniel L. Roth

Short Line Railroads Performance

Michael W. Babcock

Marvin Prater

John Morrill

Eugene R. Russell

Book Review – Mastering NEPA: A Step-by-Step Approach

Assessing Norwegian Toll Roads

James Odeck

Trond Skjeseth

Evolution of Motor Carrier Contracting

Michael R. Crum

Charles D. Braunschweig

Benjamin J. Allen

Transportation Ethics

Barbara C. Richardson

Revisiting Highway Speed Limits

David C . Nice

Transportation Quarterly

Summer 1995 Volume 49, Number 3

Table of Contents

Implications of the USDOT Restructuring

Gene Griffin

TQ Spotlight: Dulles GreenWay – Breaking the Old Paradigms

Suzanne H. Conrad

Intermodalism in Virginia

Stephen C. Brich

Lester A. Hoel

Air Transport System Congestion in East Asia

Richard A. Clark

Downey on USDOT Reorganization

Travel Patterns of Rural Elders

Norman S. J. Foster

Peter C. Damiano

Elizabeth T. Momany

Hermine T. McLeran

Clean Air Act SIPs, Sanctions and Conformity

Joshua P. Anderson

Arnold M. Howitt

Book Review – The Amtrak Story

Land Use and Rail Transit

Phillip J. Shinbein

Jeffrey L. Adler

Privatization of Seaports?

Rexford B. Sherman

The Economics of Aerospace in Ohio

Charles W. Minshall

Richard W. Buxbaum

Cathy J. Wright

An Objective Approach to the Transit Service Contracting Decision

William L. Ball

Transportation Quarterly

Fall 1995 Volume 49, Number 4

Table of Contents

Letter from the Chairman

Letter from the President

Should the Federal Highway Trust Fund be Reauthorized

Gabriel Roth

Beyond Density, Mode Choice, and Single-Purpose Trips

Reid Ewing

Congestion Management Systems: Evaluation Issues and Methods

Thomas J. Higgins

Federal Urban Mass Transportation Funding and the Case of the Second Avenue Subway

Matthew J. Lawlor

Concurrent Air Quality Analysis Under The National Environmental Policy Act and Transportation/ Air Quality Conformity

Susan Shaheen

Randall Guensler

Francisca Mar

Virtual Models in Transportation

David T. Hartgen

Factors of Production in a Regulated Industry: Improving the Proficiency of New York City Taxicab Drivers

Bruce Schaller

Gorman Gilbert

Air Quality Benefits of Electronic Toll Collection

Mark Sisson

Using Strategic Learning Alliances to Develop a Transportation Curriculum

Japhet Nkonge

Milton Glisson

The Role of Air Transportation in Tourism Development: A Case Study of the Philippines and Thailand

K. Raguraman

Privatizing Vehicle Registrations, Driver’s Licenses and Auto Insurance

John Semmens

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