Status of Biden Administration Transportation Nominations

Status of Biden Administration Transportation Nominations

January 21, 2021  | Jeff Davis

Updated August 10, 2021


Department of Transportation Pete Buttigieg Secretary Nomination confirmed 2/2/21
Department of Transportation Polly Trottenberg Deputy Secretary Nomination confirmed 4/13/21
Department of Transportation Carlos Monje Under Secretary for Policy Nomination confirmed 6/24/21
Department of Transportation Victoria Wassmer Chief Financial Officer Sen. Cruz requested referral to committee 6/21/21
Department of Transportation Annie Petsonk Asst. Sec. for Aviation and International Affairs Nomination reported 8/4/21 (Cal. No. 314)
Department of Transportation Mohsin Syed Asst. Sec. for Government Affairs Sen. Cruz requested referral to committee 6/21/21
Department of Transportation Robert Hampshire Asst. Sec. for Research and Technology Hearing held 6/24/21
Department of Transportation Christopher Coes Asst. Sec. for Transportation Policy Nomination transmitted 4/22/21
DOT – Federal Motor Carrier Safety Admin. Meera Joshi Administrator Nomination transmitted 4/15/21
DOT – Federal Railroad Administration Amit Bose Administrator Nomination transmitted 4/27/21
DOT – Federal Transit Administration Nuria Fernandez Administrator Nomination confirmed 6/11/21
Federal Maritime Commission Max Vekich Member, for a term expiring 6/30/26 Nomination transmitted 6/24/21
International Civil Aviation Organization Chesley Sullenberger Ambassador Nomination transmitted 6/23/21
Metro. Washington Airports Authority Sean Burton Member Nomination transmitted 4/29/21
National Mediation Board Gerald Fauth Member (reappointment) Nomination transmitted 7/13/21
National Mediation Board Deirdre Hamilton Member, for a term expiring 7/1/25 Nomination transmitted 4/27/01
National Mediation Board Linda Puchala Member (reappointment) Nomination transmitted 7/13/21
Nat’l Transportation Safety Board Jennifer Homendy Chairman Nomination confirmed 8/9/21
Surface Transportation Board Karen Hedlund Member, for the remainder of a term expiring 12/31/25 Nomination reported 8/4/21 (Cal. No. 315)

Stages of the process:

  1. The White House announces the President’s intention to nominate.
  2. Transmission of the official nomination paperwork from the White House to the Senate.
  3. Hearing in front of a Senate committee. (Optional – some lower-profile nominees get approved without a hearing.)
  4. Vote in committee to approve or reject the nomination.
  5. The chairman of the committee reports the nomination to the Senate and it is placed on the Executive Calendar. (Per S. Res. 116, some low-profile nominees can now go straight to the Calendar without being approved in committee or formally reported, unless a Senator specifically objects – see here for details.)
  6. The Senate votes to confirm or reject the nomination. (Alternately, the nomination could sit on the Calendar indefinitely, until withdrawn or until automatically returned to the President at the end of the session.)
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