June 1954 CEA Draft National Defense Highway Bill

June 1954 CEA Draft National Defense Highway Bill

March 10, 2020  | Jeff Davis

This is a draft bill dated June 1, 1954 written by John S. Bragdon, who was then the public works staffer for President Eisenhower’s Council of Economic Advisers. Bragdon has been preparing a bill at CEA request, in cooperation with President Eisenhower’s friend Walter Buckner, who had prepared a study of nationwide toll roads for Eisenhower during his pre-inaugural transition period.

The draft plan was shelved when Eisenhower decided to go public with his broad “$50 billion above current spending levels” idea at the July 12, 1954 governors conference.

Source: John Stewart Bragdon Records, 1949-61; Box 59; folder entitled “National Defense Highway System;” Eisenhower Library.

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