July 1949 Exchange of Letters Between Hoover and Truman

July 1949 Exchange of Letters Between Hoover and Truman

August 27, 2020  | Jeff Davis

This PDF file is an exchange of letters between former President Herbert Hoover and President Harry S. Truman in July 1949.

First is a July 4, 1949 letter from Hoover to Truman urging him to submit a reorganization plan to Congress centralizing all government transportation activities under the Commerce Department as a “Division of Transportation.” This also includes a letter sent the same day from Hoover to Bureau of the Budget Director Frank Pace with more detail.

Then there is a July 14, 1949 response letter from Truman to Hoover replaying that he had already sent up a plan to move the Public Roads Administration to Commerce but that he was going to “give careful consideration to the other moves you have recommended in this area in formulating reorganization plans for submission in 1950.”

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