Eno in the News

Eno in the News

Washington Post Live |
December 13,2018

Mobility Outlook: Your Commute 2035

Robert Puentes joined Post Live for a panel discussion on the future of transportation technology, including dockless mobility, ride sharing, and autonomous vehicles.
Arlington Independent Media |
December 10,2018

Rob Mandle & Alice Grossman In Conversation: Amazon HQ2 & Transportation

Rob Mandle from the Crystal City BID and Alice Grossman from the Eno Center for Transportation discuss the challenges and opportunities for local transportation presented by the arrival of Amazon HQ2 in Arlington, Virginia.
Preston Business Review |
November 26,2018

Ready to pay? Broward traffic and bus improvements will cost you

Broward County's voter-approved transportation plan is the most expensive one in the country approved by voters this year, according to the Eno Center for Transportation.
Talk Policy to Me (Goldman School of Public Policy) |
November 15,2018

Talking dockless scooters

Goldman School student Reem Rayef sits down with Brianne Eby, Policy Analyst with the Eno Center for Transportation, and Joe Rodriguez, a reporter covering transportation for the San Francisco Examiner, to talk about dockless scooters in San Francisco and beyond.
Triangle Business Journal |
November 14,2018

Amazon’s HQ2 project bypasses Raleigh on its way to D.C., New York — and Nashville area

Regarding Amazon's HQ2, Eno President Robert Puentes cautions that the addition of a major employer doesn’t always strain the highways - it depends on how the development takes shape.
Wall Street Journal |
November 14,2018

Billions for the Future of Flying

New runways at airports in New York, Washington, Los Angeles and San Francisco could reduce delays there that can quickly ripple through the national flight system, said a January report by the Eno Center on Transportation.
Governing |
November 13,2018

With Election Over, Transportation Advocates Eye 2019 Battles

Voters last week approved nearly $31 billion in new state and local spending on transportation, according to the Eno Center for Transportation.
Fleet Owner |
November 09,2018

Despite fresh talk on infrastructure, ballot-measure failures show it’s an uphill battle

Eno's Jeff Davis and Robert Puentes talked about the initial results from the 2018 midterms.
Transport Topics |
November 09,2018

Voters Decide Fate of Transportation Funding Measures on State Ballots

Eno President Robert Puentes says the Trump Administration encourages "self-help" on the parts of states and cities dealing with transportation infrastructure challenges.
CityLab |
November 08,2018

Nationwide, Transportation Measures Rolled to Victory

Several high-profile transportation measures passed this Election Day, when. voters considered over 300 measures to raise revenue for transportation.
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