Eno in the News

Eno in the News

January 22,2019

Tokyo’s Metro Is Betting Free Soba Noodles Can Help Ease Congestion

Tokyo's metro system is offering free soba noodles for riders who travel early - Eno's Rob Puentes says there's nothing quite like it in the U.S.
Planetizen |
January 22,2019

Inland Waterways Looking for a Comeback

Alexander Laska reports on the growing demand for freight movement and how inland waterways can take some of that demand - but not without significant investment and partnership from the federal government.
January 22,2019

Arizona Slow To Adopt Alternative Fuel Policies Despite Climate Change Effects, Population Growth

Paul Lewis says the transportation sector "has been particularly difficult to decarbonize," posing a "huge environmental challenge."
Marketplace |
January 18,2019

Money may matter more than age when it comes to teen drivers

Eno President Robert Puentes says teen driving is "ticking back up" as the economy has recovered, but that it is still less prevalent than it was a few decades ago.
Boston Globe |
January 15,2019

Marty Walsh wants higher fees on Uber and Lyft rides

Eno released a brief last year on the taxes and fees states levy on TNCs like Uber and Lyft.
Washington Post |
January 08,2019

Could a Chinese-made Metro car spy on us? Many experts say yes.

Eno President Robert Puentes comments on concerns that Chinese-made transit railcars could be a threat to national security. The article refers to Eno's recent report on the topic.
New York Times |
January 02,2019

Why the West Coast Is Suddenly Beating the East Coast on Transportation

Rob Puentes says newer transit systems out West are growing and haven’t started to experience the pains of rehabilitation experienced by legacy systems on the East Coast.
Roll Call |
December 18,2018

Driverless Industry Surges Forward While Hill Hiccups on Regulation

Paul Lewis says that even if the AV START bill doesn't pass this Congress, legislators will have more opportunities to regulate the AV industry before AVs are commercially deployed.
Forbes |
December 18,2018

China On The March: Cybersecurity And Hidden Risks

An op-ed expressing concerns about transit agencies procuring Chinese-made rail cars cites an Eno report on the topic.
Washington Post |
December 17,2018

It’s not too late for a better Silver Line contract

Paul Lewis writes that WMATA should further improve the contract incentives to reward good behavior rather than solely focus on poor performance.
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