Eno in the News

Eno in the News

Wall Street Journal |
March 04,2019

High-Speed Rail in the U.S. Remains Elusive: Illinois Shows Why

Robert Puentes is quoted discussing passenger rail in the U.S. and the challenges to implementing high-speed rail.
Bloomberg Businessweek |
February 26,2019

If California Can’t Make High Speed Rail Work, Can Anyone?

The Green New Deal faces some major infrastructure challenges.
Slate |
February 13,2019

There’s Nothing Ridiculous About Trains Replacing Planes

High-speed rail in California was a disaster. But there’s a better way.
Nonprofit Quarterly |
February 13,2019

In Remembrance of Rosa Parks: Transit Equity Day

"On February 4th, the nation celebrated Transit Equity Day, in honor of the late Rosa Parks, who would’ve turned 106 years old. The holiday is intended to draw attention to transit as a civil rights issue and an important element of a climate-safe future."
Streets Blog |
February 13,2019

‘Green New Deal’ To Seek Transport Overhaul

"The Green New Deal will include a shift in transportation systems away from fossil fuels, according to a still-vague draft released to the press on Thursday. It’s a “slogan in search of specific policy solutions,” said Jeff Davis at the Eno Center for Transportation."
Travel Weekly |
February 13,2019

Shutdown disruptions fodder for supporters of ATC privatization

"The recent five-week partial government shutdown offered new fodder for those who support turning air traffic control (ATC) over to a nonprofit private entity."
Smart Cities Dive |
February 13,2019

What the closing of Chariot shuttles means for our progress toward new mobility

Despite the shuttering of Ford's microtransit arm, efficient and on-demand shuttles are here to stay — they just have to find their path. Eno's Microtransit paper is cited.
Infrastructure Week |
February 01,2019

Ballots, Ballots, and More Ballots

Robert Puentes, the President CEO of the Eno Center for Transportation joins us for a whirlwind tour of all the transportation ballot initiatives taking place around the country. We talk trends, getting local, and the future of transportation funding.
Move Forward |
January 31,2019

Inside the Transportation Data Tug of War

Eno's Alice Grossman says that as the urban transportation web becomes more complex, the data being collected by mobility companies are an important part of the picture, and that more transparency from those companies is overdue.
Mother Nature Network |
January 30,2019

Tokyo Metro offers free noodles to help thin out rush hour crowds

Robert Puentes of the Eno Center for Transportation tells NPR that although numerous subway systems in the U.S. experience lamentable overcrowding during rush hour, none offer perks like food vouchers to commuters who are willing to hop on the train a bit earlier or hold off and go a bit later.
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