Eno in the News

Eno in the News

Transportation Topics |
October 03,2019

In Search of Bipartisanship, Congressional Leaders Point to Transportation Bill

Jeff Davis, senior fellow at the Eno Center for Transportation, expects Congress to, at a minimum, work on federal funding legislation meant to avoid a shutdown of federal agencies. Share
NPR Marketplace |
September 26,2019

Chinese electric bus maker BYD faces U.S. ban pushed by Senate and competitors

Hear Jeff Davis weigh in on the latest on the bill to ban Chinese firms from the U.S. public bus market in this segment of Marketplace.
The DCist |
September 24,2019

Climate Change Is Already Impacting The Region’s Public Transit

Eno's Policy Analyst Brianne Eby discusses the local impacts of climate change and how it could affect public transit in the region.
McClatchy DC |
September 10,2019

Higher federal gas taxes? Businesses are pushing the idea

Jeff Davis, a senior analyst at the nonpartisan Eno Center for Transportation didn’t think that much is needed. Raising the tax five cents each of the next two years and a penny per year thereafter should be enough, he said. "The higher fuel taxes are the most logical way to stabilize the highway fund, he said. “Nothing comes close to the ease of implementation,” Davis said.
IMPACT2020 |
September 09,2019

Higher federal gas taxes? Businesses are pushing the idea

The Chamber says its proposed increase of five cents a gallon for the next five years would cost motorists an average of $9 a month. Jeff Davis, a senior analyst at the Eno Center for Transportation didn’t think that much is needed. Raising the tax five cents each of the next two years and a […]
The Washington Post |
September 05,2019

Buses must be a ‘priority’ to provide faster, more reliable service in D.C. area, study says

The Washington Area Bus Transformation Project released a report with strategies for keeping bus riders and attracting new ones by improving customer service. Robert Puentes, president of the Eno Center for Transportation, said the group’s surveys found bus riders want more focus on the basics: speed, frequency, reliability and affordability. Puentes, who chairs the group’s […]
August 26,2019

Congress Mulls Ban On Chinese Trains And Buses. Oh, Come On, Builder Says

Congress is poised to restrict purchases of Chinese-built buses and rail cars. A bill would forbid the use of federal grants, which the Department of Transportation often makes to big-city transit authorities, to buy new subway trains or buses from the Chinese-owned manufacturer CRRC. Puentes, of the Eno Center, believes the national security concerns over […]
KUAR Public Radio |
August 23,2019

Security Concerns Prompt Congress To Move Toward Banning Chinese Railcars

Listen to Robert Puentes discuss how lawmakers may soon bar large city transit agencies from using federal money to buy rail cars and buses that were built in China. Share
Smart Cities Dive |
August 16,2019

Lyft pulls e-bikes from San Francisco after battery fires

It’s important to think about the city’s policy goals... If the goal is to reduce vehicle miles traveled, does banning dockless vehicles for however long meet those goals? This is something we can collect data on as we investigate, and I would approach it from that perspective.
The Overhead Wire/State Smart Transportation Initiative |
August 16,2019

Inside the Transportation Data Tug of War

It’s not necessarily that we need TNC data to regulate the TNCs. We need TNC data just like we need data on cyclists and we need data on private vehicle use and we need data on walking.
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