Eno in the News

Eno in the News

Frederick News Post |
November 08,2019

Project to cut congestion on I-270 moves along

Vice President of Policy, Paul Lewis, discusses how to make traffic flow better on the highway through ramp metering. Share
Streetsblog |
November 06,2019

It’s Progressives vs. Labor over Transportation Money

“Highways aren’t entitled to 80 percent of general fund spending on surface transportation any more than NASA or HUD or health care or anything else, and there is no reason whatsoever why transit should be limited to 20 percent of any new budgetary construct to provide multi-year surface transportation funding from general revenues,” Eno Center […]
Streetsblog |
October 31,2019

Europe’s Congestion Pricing Lessons For America

Robert Puentes shares the lessons learned from Eno’s Congestion Pricing Study Tour, where members of the Eno team went to Europe to find out how exactly cities embraced congestion pricing. “Any strategy that boosts transit by providing more service and allowing it to run more freely helps low-income travelers, but in the U.S., low-income households […]
October 24,2019

American Roads Are Getting Safer—Unless You’re Walking

Eno policy analysts Alice Grossman and Romic Aevaz talk about the importance of road design in ensuring pedestrian safety. It demands a mix of design, policy, and enforcement at a variety of levels, from the public to the federal government. Share
WFAE 90.7 Charlotte's NPR News Source |
October 23,2019

Charlotte Talks: Will High-Speed Rail Ever Roar Through Charlotte? Fast Trains Face An Uphill Climb

High-speed rail has long been a tough sell in the US, but plans are still in the works for it to come to Charlotte, NC. Listen to Jeff Davis provide commentary on the future of high-speed rail on “Charlotte Talks with Mike Collins.” Share
Curbed |
October 08,2019

Can commuter rail save our suburbs?

Paul Lewis discusses suburban transit, including expanding light-rail lines and building new commuter rail services. “As cities grow and want to be world-class and compete on a global scale, they need to show a map with transit and rail lines,” says Lewis. Share
Land Line Now |
October 08,2019

Land Line Now: Jeff Davis Talks Alternative Distribution for Federal Highway Funding

“Land Line Now” is the first daily news and information program designed specifically for America’s truck drivers. The show is broadcast nationwide each day on Sirius XM Satellite Radio’s The Road Dog on Sirius XM Channel 146. Listen to the Podcast: Share
The Washington Post |
October 05,2019

A glimmer of hope as ridership rebounds for Metro and other transit systems

Americans took 2.5 billion passenger trips on public transportation in the second quarter of 2019 — 11 million more trips than during the same period last year, according to the latest report by the American Public Transportation Association. “My sense is that there’s a couple of things going on,” said Paul Lewis, vice president of […]
Streetsblog |
October 04,2019

Report: Federal Highway Aid Is Rigged

“We’ve written before that maybe we should blow up the highway trust fund and rethink how we fund transportation, but this report was to point out and respond to the growing concern the highway funding is stuck in a rut,” Eno Center Vice President Paul Lewis, a co-author of the report, told Streetsblog. Share
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