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New York Times
September 21, 2018 | Expert Analysis
The Auto Industry’s VHS-or-Betamax Moment
This article on the debate over whether to use DSRC or 5G for connected vehicle technology mentions the point/counterpoint published on ETW by Hilary Cain of Toyota and Jessica Nigro of Daimler.
Jessica Nigro | Head of Technology and Innovation Policy, Daimler North America Corporation
Mass Transit Magazine
September 17, 2018 | Expert Analysis
2018 Top 40 Under 40
Eno alumni Amanda Wall Vandegrift, Sean Egan, Sam Kaur, Justin Umagat, O'dell Draper, and Sasha Pejcic, as well as former Eno policy analyst Marla Westervelt, were selected to Mass Transit Mag's Top 40 under 40 list.
Marla Westervelt | Senior Policy Analyst and Assistant Editor, Eno Transportation Weekly
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