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Transit Executive Program:
There are three scholarship opportunities available to Transit Executive Program applicants: a) The Frank J. Lichtanski Memorial Scholarship offered by the American Public Transportation Foundation; b)  the Robert J. Prince, Jr. Scholarship offered by the Conference of Minority Transportation Officials (COMTO); and c) Eno Alumni Fund Travel Grants. Participants apply to scholarships simultaneously with their application to the Program. If a participant is admitted but is not awarded a scholarship, he or she can choose to attend at full tuition or defer admission to a later year.

Frank J. Lichtanski Memorial Scholarship
The American Public Transportation Foundation (APTF) has honored Frank J. Lichtanski, long time General Manager/CEO of Monterey-Salinas Transit in California by creating the Frank J. Lichtanski Scholarship Fund. Mr. Lichtanski is remembered for his 31 years of dedication to providing the very best transit service to the people of Monterey County. In memory of his dedication to the public transit industry and support of small and medium-sized transit agencies, the scholarship has been established to provide tuition support in the amount of $2,500 (participant’s agency will be invoiced for remaining tuition costs) to an eligible candidate from a small or medium-sized transit agency. The winner of the Frank Lichtanski Scholarship also receives a waiver of registration fees for the APTA Annual Meeting.

Robert Prince, Jr. Scholarship
The Conference Of Minority Transportation Officials (COMTO) and AECOM have honored Robert Prince, Jr. for his dedication to the growth and development of emerging leaders in the transit industry by creating the Robert Prince Scholarship. Mr. Prince has demonstrated a lifelong commitment to the education of the transit workforce in his roles as a leader in the public and private sectors of the transportation industry, in his volunteer commitment to youth in Boston, and as board member of COMTO and the American Public Transportation Foundation. The scholarship will be awarded to a senior leader in the transit industry who currently reports directly to the General Manager/CEO. The recipient should have a career goal to become a transit General Manager/CEO in a rural, small urban or urban transit agency. Preference is given to current members of COMTO. The winner of the Robert Prince Scholarship also receives a registration waiver and travel support to the COMTO Annual Conference, and is encouraged to participate in the COMTO Leadership Institute.

Eno Alumni Fund Travel Grants
Admitted participants who demonstrate difficulty in obtaining employer-paid travel can receive a travel grant from the Eno Alumni Fund. The Eno Alumni Fund is supported by small donations by previous Eno graduates and other supporters. Awards are capped at $500 and may be paid using direct billed travel/lodging. Applicants should submit a memo or email from supervisors that describes a travel ban or severe limitation of available travel funds. Preference will be given to students who must pay for the balance of travel costs using personal funds.

Future Leaders Development Conference:

Maggie Walsh, WTS Chair, Scholarship

Each year, the Maggie Walsh, WTS International Board Chair Scholarship is given to one outstanding candidate and WTS member. WTS selects the candidate to attend Eno’s Future Leaders Development Conference. If you are a WTS member and would like to apply for this opportunity, please visit the WTS website. If you have questions regarding eligibility or the application contact, please contact Rosa Chung, Director of Operations at WTS, at 202-955-5085 or

Conference of Minority Transportation Officials Award
The Conference of Minority Transportation Officials (COMTO) award will be given to one outstanding student who is a COMTO member. COMTO selects the candidate to attend Eno’s Future Leaders Development Conference.

If you are a COMTO member and would like to apply for this opportunity, please contact Brandi Williams, Program Manager, at

Council of University Transportation Centers Award
The Council of University Transportation Centers (CUTC) will select a masters degree student for a seat in the LDC. The student will be selected in conjunction with other CUTC awards.

If you have questions regarding the CUTC masters degree seat in the Eno LDC program, please contact Dr. Tom O’Brien at

Rodney Slater Award

Rodney Slater served as secretary of transportation in the Clinton Administration. Before being named Secretary in 1997, Mr. Slater was Administrator of the Federal Highway Administration, where he created the National Highway System. From 1987 to 1992, he was a member of the Arkansas State Highway Commission, serving as its chairman in 1992.

As Secretary, Slater truly focused on leadership. He strove to make the US Department of Transportation visionary and vigilant, and he engaged all employees to work toward transportation excellence. Through the Garrett A. Morgan program, Mr. Slater touched 3 million young people and introduced them to the challenges and rewards of transportation.

The Rodney Slater Award for the Leadership Development Conference is awarded annually to a student who demonstrates outstanding leadership qualities amidst life’s challenges and adversity, a thirst for knowledge, and a drive to achieve.

Charles William Koch Award

Charles William Koch devoted his professional career to transportation improvements. Much of his professional work was in the area of railroad operations and highway traffic engineering. He conducted traffic surveys, developed traffic plans, and evaluated project alternatives for a number of improvements in US cities. He also specialized in bus and railroad operations and modernization, as well as rapid transit planning.

In his will, Mr. Koch made a bequest to the Eno Transportation Foundation, with the purpose of increasing knowledge and developing better ways to address transportation issues. The Charles William Koch Award recognizes exceptional academic achievement and leadership qualities evidenced by a student specializing in transportation operations.

GAR Foundation Award

The GAR Foundation is a private, independent foundation established in 1967 as a charitable trust by Galen J. Roush, co-founder and chief executive officer of Roadway Express. Today the GAR Foundation’s assets total approximately $180 million. The Foundation has distributed more than $115 million since its inception to support charitable organizations within the Foundation’s areas of interest. Charitable priorities include education, the arts, social services, and activities that are judged for the general good of the community.

The GAR Foundation’s mission statement is “To strengthen communities in our region through discerning and creative support of worthy organizations. The GAR Foundation Award recognizes the student whose passion for charitable priorities is evident.

Dr. Thomas D. Larson Fellowship

Dr. Thomas (“Tom”) D. Larson exhibited a lifelong commitment to the fields of transportation and engineering and to academic excellence. Dr. Larson was an active leader in a number of professional organizations, including serving as chairman of the Eno Foundation’s Board of Regents. During his many years of affiliation with the Foundation, he was a strong proponent of the Eno Leadership Development Conference program. In memory of Dr. Larson’s commitment to leadership development, the Eno Transportation Foundation has established the Dr. Thomas D. Larson Fellowship – a scholarship to support the tuition costs for one student each year to become an Eno Fellow and participate in the Leadership Development Conference.

The recipient of the Dr. Thomas D. Larson Fellowship will be an individual who is enrolled in a Ph.D. program in transportation and reflects Dr. Larson’s commitment to improving the transportation field.

Lillian Borrone Alumni Award

The Lillian Borrone Alumni Award is given to the highest-rated applicant in each Future Leaders Development class. Applications to be an Eno Fellow are scored by the Eno Board of Regents based upon academics, service, research, work experience, and a personal statement. This award is funded through small donations from previous Eno Fellows and was established in 2015.


Public Private Partnerships (P3) Course Series:
For more information contact Alex Bond at  or 202-879-4714.


Lifetime Achievement Award

The Eno Center for Transportation’s Lifetime Achievement Award honors an individual who has demonstrated outstanding leadership throughout their career in the transportation industry. Despite facing challenging circumstances, the recipient has demonstrated notable accomplishments and has relentlessly pursued these achievements on behalf of the public interest. Most notably, contributions throughout their career – in both theory and practice – have changed the transportation industry for the better.

Former Lifetime Achievement Award Recipients: 

  • Jane Garvey, Former Federal Aviation Administration Administrator (2017)
  • Mortimer Downey, Former Deputy Secretary and Chief Operating Officer of the U.S. Department of Transportation (2016)
  • Jane Chmielinski, Former Chief Operating Officer of AECOM (2015)
  • Peter Stangl, Former Chairman and CEO of the New York Metropolitan Transportation Authority  (2014)
  • David Goode, Former President, Chairman and CEO of Norfolk Southern (2013)
  • Fred Salvucci, Former Massachusetts Secretary of Transportation  (2012)
  • William Millar, Former President of the American Public Transportation Association  (2011)
  • Norman Mineta, Former U.S. Secretary of Transportation  (2010)

The winner will be required to accept the award at the Future Leaders Development Conference (LDC) dinner in June 2017 in Washington, DC. The Eno Board of Directors will consider all qualified candidates and select the winner.

Nominators are asked to support LDC on behalf of the person nominated. This can be a personal or corporate donation, and the scholarship(s) will be named in the awardee’s honor. Contribution is voluntary and all nominations will be considered, with or without pledges of financial support.

Nomination Instructions:
  • Nominations should consist of a letter (no more than two pages) indicating how the nominee meets the criteria
  • Provide name, title, organization/affiliation, and the contact information of the candidate
  • Provide the name, title, organization/affiliation, and contact information of the person submitting the nomination
  • Pledge financial support for students participating in LDC 2017 (voluntary)
  • Use email subject line “LDC 2018”
  • Email nominations to or mail to Alisha Robinson, Eno Center for Transportation, 1629 K Street, NW, Suite 200, Washington, DC 20006

Friend of Eno Award

The Eno Center for Transportation’s Wilbur S. Smith Award honors individuals who have given years of extraordinary support and service to Eno.

The Eno Board of Directors named this award after former President and Chairman Wilbur S. Smith who spent more than 20 years of his career with Eno. An innovator in modern transportation systems, Mr. Smith helped design and develop major parts of the interstate highway system, the New Jersey Turnpike, the Chesapeake Bay Bridge Tunnel and the mass transit system in Washington, DC. He also counseled the National Aeronautics and Space Administration on ways to operate commercial ventures in space. Mr. Smith’s accomplishments as an engineer and businessman over those decades represent an extraordinary example of one man’s determination, hard work, imagination, and leadership. He was intuitive, saw trends, and moved to take advantage of them.

Eno Thought Leader Award

The Thought Leader Award recognizes exemplary achievement in the field of transportation research and scholarship. It acknowledges individuals that have a demonstrated body of rigorous, timely, and impactful work.

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