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FY 2020 Senate USDOT Appropriations Bill – Summary Tables

September 19,2019 This is a PDF file with 6 summary tables relating to the draft Transportation-Housing appropriations bill for fiscal year 2020 approved by the Senate Appropriations Committee on September 19, 2019.
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State Highway Formula Funding Totals Under Senate ATI Bill

July 31,2019 This is a PDF of three tables showing state-by-state formula funding totals under the Senate's highway reauthorization bill.
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Authorization Table for S. 2302, Highway Reauthorization, As Reported July 30 2019

July 30,2019 This is a two-page PDF of funding authorizations made by S. 2301, the America's Transportation Infrastructure Act, as amended and ordered reported by the Senate Environment and Public Works Committee...
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Funding Authorization Table for Draft Senate Highway Bill – July 2019

July 29,2019 This is a two-page PDF of a table showing funding authorizations made by the America's Transportation Innovation Act of 2019 (base text version), released by the Senate Environment and Public Works...
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Budget Control Act Spending Caps Table (July 2019)

July 23,2019 This is a one-page table showing the entire history of the spending caps instituted by the Budget Control Act of 2011 from their inception through each revision (ATRA 2012, Joint Committee failure...
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July 2019 Adjusted Highway Trust Fund Reauthorization Baseline

July 19,2019 This is a one-page PDF of a table showing the estimated Congressional Budget Office funding "baseline" levels for a five-year surface transportation reauthorization bill covering fiscal years 2021...
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FY 2020 USDOT Appropriations – House Bill (Subcommittee Version)

May 22,2019 This is a 3-page table in PDF format showing every budget account at the U.S. Department of Transportation funded by the draft FY 2020 Transportation-HUD appropriations bill released on May 22, 2019...
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FY20 Budget Request – Summary Tables

March 20,2019 This PDF file contains nine summary tables relating to the Trump Administration's fiscal year 2020 budget request for the U.S. Department of Transportation, released in full on March 18, 2019.
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