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As Coast Guard Members Bear Brunt of Shutdown, Agency and Congress Seek Way Out

January 24, 2019 – Tens of thousands of members of the U.S. Coast Guard continue to go without pay while the partial government shutdown drags on, with 8,000 civilian workers missing their second paycheck Friday and 42,000 active-duty service members set to miss theirs if the shutdown moves into February.

Federal funding, Federal governance, Freight, Governance, Maritime
Inland Waterways Stakeholders Highlight Federal Funding Challenges

January 17, 2019 – As freight projections show a steep increase in freight movement over the next few decades, stakeholders representing inland waterway transportation said they are well-positioned to handle the growing demand but that the federal government needs to help them invest in the projects that will keep things running smoothly.

Environment, equity, Public transit, Regional governance, Transit technology, Transit workforce
Eno Staff to Participate in TRB Annual Meeting Sessions

January 11, 2019 – Eno staff will participate in several sessions at the TRB Annual Meeting next week, presenting on topics ranging from transportation workforce planning to transportation technologies.

Federal governance, Governance, Positive Train Control, Rail, Railroads
All Railroads With PTC Requirements Claim to Meet Dec. 31 Deadline

January 3, 2019 – All 41 railroads with positive train control (PTC) requirements submitted by Dec. 31, 2018 documentation claiming they fully implemented PTC or else qualified for an “alternative schedule,” the Federal Railroad Administration (FRA) announced on New Year’s Eve.

Automated vehicles, connected vehicles, Federal governance, Governance, Traffic safety
NHTSA Announces Streamlined Process for Reviewing Motor Vehicle Safety Exemptions

December 20, 2018 – NHTSA issued a final rule Tuesday to streamline the process for considering automakers’ petitions for exemptions from federal motor vehicle safety standards (FMVSS) and federal bumper rules, saying it will help make the review process faster as automated vehicle technologies continue to evolve.

Federal governance, Freight, Governance, Maritime, ports
Senate Hearing Outlines Infrastructure Needs in U.S. Arctic

December 6, 2018 – As arctic waters become more easily traversable for shippers and tourists alike, the U.S. does not yet have the infrastructure in place to manage its northern waterways, according to a Senate Subcommittee hearing on the topic.

Amtrak, Positive Train Control, Rail, Railroads, Transit workforce
Q3 PTC Reports Show Some Railroads Still At Risk of Missing Deadline

November 29, 2018 – According to railroads’ third-quarter 2018 reports released by the Federal Railroad Administration (FRA), four railroads are at risk of failing to qualify for an alternative schedule to finish implementing positive train control (PTC) by the Dec. 31, 2018 deadline.

Appropriations, Federal funding, Federal governance, Governance, Homeland security, Maritime, ports
U.S. Senate Passes Coast Guard Reauthorization

November 15, 2018 – The U.S. senate passed this week the Frank LoBiondo Coast Guard Authorization Act of 2018, which authorizes funding and end-of-year strength levels for the Coast Guard. It also includes provisions relating to the Coast Guard’s fleet recapitalization and vessel discharge.

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