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An Open Letter to the Joint Select Committee on Budget and Appropriations Process Reform

When looking at budget process reform, remember that through a series of historical accidents, 99 percent of the spending from the Highway Trust Fund is exempt from both statutory systems of budget discipline – the PAYGO process for mandatory spending, and the Budget Control Act spending caps for discretionary spending. Thus, Highway Trust Fund spending is also exempt from sequestration – because sequestration is only a tool used to enforce the statutory systems of budget discipline.

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Guest Op-Ed: Usage Time (UT) – A Road Pricing Concept Overlooked?

Instead of levying a vehicle miles traveled fee (VMT), which would charge drivers based on the mileage they drive, policymakers should explore and consider a different revenue mechanism that appears to have several advantages over VMT. A usage time (UT) fee would be based on time the vehicle is in use; fees start accruing when the engine starts and stop when the engine shuts down.

Autonomous Vehicles, Roads and Bridges
The Tesla Distraction, and How to Overcome It

April 27, 2018 — I hope that Tesla, the car company, is ultimately successful. But for transportation policymakers, the bursting of the Tesla hype bubble is an opportunity to refocus on the real, challenging tasks at hand.