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Editorial: Independent Air Traffic Control is Good Public Policy

While many many are already calling the Administration’s budget proposal “dead in the water” one item should not be dismissed: spinning off the nation’s air traffic control (ATC) system to an independent, nonprofit entity. Doing so would remove roughly $11 to $12 billion per year from the federal budget, and over 35,000 federal employees could be off the federal payroll.

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Does Airport Privatization Have a Future in the U.S.?

It’s no accident that 34 of the world’s top 100 airports are either fully or partly privatized. If the Trump Administration is serious about attracting large-scale private capital to revamp and improve U.S. infrastructure, airport privatization is an ideal place to start.

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Communities Can Benefit from Autonomous Vehicles with Fast Action Planning

Kelley Coyner and Lisa Nisenson led the capstone session of Eno’s Capital Convergence, Taking it to the Streets: Creating the Strategies to bring an AV Shuttle to the Region At Eno’s Capital Convergence conference, technology leaders like David Woessner of Local Motors demonstrated that transformative transportation technologies – including autonomous vehicles (AVs) – already exist […]

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Let’s Be Real About Transportation and Technology

While it is fun and sometimes productive to imagine potential scenarios, speculation about an unknown future dominate the conversations, and are crowding out discussion of some of the valuable things that these technologies can accomplish in the short term.

Have Investors Overbuilt Infrastructure Expectations?

Shares of construction-related stocks have jumped since election night based on optimism a Trump administration will make improving the country’s infrastructure a priority.  But after 15-30% gains in many industry-related stock prices over the past couple of weeks, have investors built too lofty expectations into a potential stimulus plan for which details have yet to be defined?