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The Tesla Distraction, and How to Overcome It

April 27, 2018 — I hope that Tesla, the car company, is ultimately successful. But for transportation policymakers, the bursting of the Tesla hype bubble is an opportunity to refocus on the real, challenging tasks at hand.

Bikeshare, Shared-use mobility
The U.S. Dockless Mobility Experiment

April 27, 2018 – Dockless bicycles and scooters have arrived. Since late 2017, several private companies have launched systems in dozens of U.S. cities such as Washington, D.C., Seattle, San Diego, and Dallas, prompting discussions nationwide on how to regulate these mobility devices.

Charging for Congestion in New York

In major metropolitan areas like New York, transportation challenges dominate headlines and for good reason. The data firm Inrix recently named New York the third worst-congested city in the world, ahead of Sao Paulo, Bangkok, and Jakarta. At the same time, New York Governor Andrew Cuomo declared a “state of emergency” for the city’s transit system. As it was in London, now is the time for bold action.

In Memoriam: Hank Dittmar

April 13, 2018 – Hank Dittmar—a transportation pioneer well known to most of us—died on April 3, 2018 at age 62 after a long battle with cancer.

Freight, Infrastructure, Rail
Op-Ed: Good Public Policy Drives Freight Rail Investment (Not Public Funding)

President Trump and many in Congress have placed a high priority on infrastructure investment.  The Administration’s plan has significant federal funding associated with it, primarily aimed at attracting more non-federal dollars into infrastructure, including private sector investment.  As Congress and the Administration consider this approach, it should be reassuring that substantial private investment is already […]

Op-Ed: What’s the big deal about celebrating Women’s History Month in the transportation industry?

Women still face challenges in the transportation industry — the same challenges faced by women across all industries: glass ceilings, lack of opportunity, lack of diversity, safety issues, unequal pay, and sexual harassment. These challenges hurt the industry as they waste time, money, and human resources, which affect critical mission achievement. There must be attention and intention to remove these barriers.

COMTO Celebrates Women Who Move the Nation

March 11th, The Conference Of Minority Transportation Officials (COMTO) hosted our 7th Annual Awards Breakfast, Celebrating Women Who Move The Nation. In observance of Women’s History Month, we inducted over 75 women into this signature class of leaders in the transportation industry.

Op-Ed: A Case for Gender Parity on Transportation Industry Boards

The essence of good governance is representation of the best interests of the community or enterprise. Appropriate board representation aligns with the diversity of the constituency. In the transportation public sector, the user population represented is made up of 50% women and yet women continue to be under-represented on public boards.