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Communities Can Benefit from Autonomous Vehicles with Fast Action Planning

Kelley Coyner and Lisa Nisenson led the capstone session of Eno’s Capital Convergence, Taking it to the Streets: Creating the Strategies to bring an AV Shuttle to the Region At Eno’s Capital Convergence conference, technology leaders like David Woessner of Local Motors demonstrated that transformative transportation technologies – including autonomous vehicles (AVs) – already exist […]

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Let’s Be Real About Transportation and Technology

While it is fun and sometimes productive to imagine potential scenarios, speculation about an unknown future dominate the conversations, and are crowding out discussion of some of the valuable things that these technologies can accomplish in the short term.

Have Investors Overbuilt Infrastructure Expectations?

Shares of construction-related stocks have jumped since election night based on optimism a Trump administration will make improving the country’s infrastructure a priority.  But after 15-30% gains in many industry-related stock prices over the past couple of weeks, have investors built too lofty expectations into a potential stimulus plan for which details have yet to be defined?

A Transportation Revolution Can’t Run on Autopilot

During the first decade of the Information Age, transportation was something of a backwater for innovation. But over the last several years, excitement around autonomous vehicles and ridesharing – the so-called new mobility – and the ways that these technologies could dramatically alter the cities we know today became a very hot topic.

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Guest Op-Ed: Automated Vehicles and Minding the Looming Infrastructure Funding Gap

What better way to start the recovery from a divisive election season than to unite around an inspiring technology, to ensure it is rolled out safely and effectively, to help improve the well-being of citizens, and enter the next generation of transportation with an emphasis on multi-passenger, electric, driverless vehicles operated through a ride sharing network.

On the Road with Eno

America’s transportation system is large and complex. An amazing array of actors are responsible for moving people and goods around the world, from coast-to-coast, or within a region. This means there are countless approaches that are impossible to generalize or observe only from inside the Beltway.

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The Lists: 10 Ballot Measures to Watch on Election Day

November 4, 2016 – Here at Eno, we are closely tracking not just the Presidential drama and the House and Senate races, but also the hundreds and hundreds of transportation ballot measures and initiatives are up for vote on November 8. As we’ve written, we believe the way these measures got on the ballot and the message voters will send means a future of more citizen involvement in the decisions that shape their communities and regions.

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Op-Ed: The Right Approach to Funding Freight Transportation

The health of our nation’s economy is tied to the efficient flow of goods through its freight transportation system. Without a well-designed and maintained freight transportation system, the United States’ economy will become sluggish and unable to compete.

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Cracking the Code on Procurement Reform

Procurement reform may not be the sexiest transportation issue right now but to restore American competitiveness, support smart job growth, and proliferate technological innovation, it just might be one of the most important.