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Guest Op-Ed: Resilient Infrastructure Can Help Us Adapt to a Warmer World

President Donald Trump has proclaimed November “Critical Infrastructure and Resilience Month.” He is right to recognize the key role that infrastructure plays in assuring the nation’s health, security and prosperity. However, much of our critical infrastructure—especially transportation systems in coastal areas—is anything but resilient. We can change that by facing up to climate threats and designing our infrastructure accordingly.

Autonomous Vehicles, House Energy & Commerce Committee
Op-Ed: The Road Ahead for Self-Driving Car Legislation

We don’t have to accept a world where millions of accidents and tens of thousands of fatalities on the road are a necessary evil of driving. The SELF DRIVE Act is legislation I authored, and the House of Representatives passed, which will help ensure the safe and innovative development, testing, and deployment of self-driving cars across the country. Most important, these vehicles could make an incredible difference in making our roadways safer.

Autonomous Vehicles
Scenario Planning for Automated Vehicles

In region after region, a growing chorus of leaders are calling for their city and metropolitan area to plan for a future of automated vehicles (AVs). Often these calls fall along a binary argument between what analysts call the “heaven’ and ‘hell’ scenarios (or ‘utopia’ or ‘dystopia’ visions) for AVs.

Highways, NTSB, Safety
Why NTSB is Calling for a Renewed Focus on Safety Over Speed

August 24, 2017 – The National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) recently released a report on speeding and passenger vehicle crashes. While NTSB has investigated speed as a contributing factor to specific crashes in the past, this is the first time that NTSB has investigated speed as it relates to crashes in general.

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Open Skies, Subsidies, and the Need for Transparency

The UAE and Qatar are far from unique in providing financial support for their airlines. In reality, aviation has long been prone to government intervention. Being such an important and charismatic part of a country’s economy, national governments always used them to project power abroad—an aircraft painted in national colors arriving at a major airport is one of the best ways to show that the country matters internationally.

Autonomous Vehicles
Guest Op-Ed: Entrepreneurs and the Need for an Autonomous Vehicle National Framework

When Level 5 autonomous vehicles are introduced to society and deployed for use the winners will not be traditional car manufacturers, but entrepreneurs who believed in the American dream and the public. These entrepreneurs will go on to completely reimagine the future of transportation while giving mobility to those who are most in need of a reliable form of point to point, on demand transportation.

Autonomous Vehicles
Clarity for the Automated Vehicle Ethics Debate

A new report from Germany takes the issue of AV ethics head on and provides clear guidelines for tough ethical situations. It also provides recommendations for how governments and private industry should approach them.