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2018 Future Leaders Development Conference (LDC) Recap

Thanks to the dedication of our Board of Regents, who selects the 20 Eno Fellows from a highly competitive and talented pool, this year’s cohort were among the best yet. Here is a summary of their week, including the annual Leadership Awards Dinner.

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Eno Releases New Recommendations for Improving the Nation’s Rail Transit Infrastructure

May 17, 2018 – On Monday, Eno released a new report, Tools for a Smoother Ride: Managing Rail Assets and Leveraging Competition, which outlines the reforms needed to bring our rail systems into a state of good repair. The report’s recommendations include five steps that agencies and governments can take to reform and modernize how the industry approaches maintaining rail systems.

Eno 2017 Impact Report Released

Eno’s 2017 annual impact report is a chance for us to show the results of our collective efforts, reflect on the past year, and lay out our vision for the future. Importantly, it is also a chance for us to thank you – our donors, colleagues and partners for your continued support and engagement.

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Is MaaS Transit the Future of Mass Transit?

Join us March 22 to learn more about how some global cities are testing and deploying “Mobility-as-a-Service” as a means to facilitate customer information, schedules, and payment. This webinar will detail MaaS pilot programs, their lessons learned, and provide insights for US transit agencies, including its effect on ridership, data security, and equity in the broader transportation network.

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