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Eno Center Puts 32,000 Pages of Historic Transportation Research Online

October 31, 2018 – The Eno Center for Transportation has put over 32,000 pages of its legacy transportation research and policy analysis online for the first time. From 1947 through 2003, the Eno Foundation (as it was then known) published a quarterly scholarly journal. Called Traffic Quarterly from 1947-1981 and Transportation Quarterly from 1982-2003, the journal published peer-reviewed studies and a variety of policy insights from both academics and policymakers.

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Transit Agencies Exchange Best Practices at Eno/MAX Program

October 10, 2018 – September marked the end of another successful Eno/MAX program. Throughout 2018, a cohort of 48 students participated in the Eno/MAX (Multi-Agency Exchange) Program to share best practices, build their professional network, and enhance their leadership skills.

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2018 Future Leaders Development Conference (LDC) Recap

Thanks to the dedication of our Board of Regents, who selects the 20 Eno Fellows from a highly competitive and talented pool, this year’s cohort were among the best yet. Here is a summary of their week, including the annual Leadership Awards Dinner.

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Eno Releases New Recommendations for Improving the Nation’s Rail Transit Infrastructure

May 17, 2018 – On Monday, Eno released a new report, Tools for a Smoother Ride: Managing Rail Assets and Leveraging Competition, which outlines the reforms needed to bring our rail systems into a state of good repair. The report’s recommendations include five steps that agencies and governments can take to reform and modernize how the industry approaches maintaining rail systems.

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