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Democrats Take Control of House; Republicans Likely to Gain 2-3 Seats in Senate

November 9, 2018 – Democrats will have a majority in the House of Representatives next year in the 116th Congress, with a majority that could be almost as large as the one held by Republicans in the 115th Congress. But Republicans have maintained control of the Senate, with their current 51 seats likely to increase to somewhere from 52-54 seats depending on one runoff and two races still counting.

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What Do the Elections Mean for Committee Ratios?

November 9, 2018 – This week’s election results mean that the number of seats on Congressional committees will have to be renegotiated for the new Congress that takes office on January 3 – drastically for the House of Representatives, and slightly for the U.S. Senate.

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Contests Now Underway for Committee Leadership Positions

November 9, 2018 – The election results, along with retirements from Congress, have teed up another biennial edition of Musical Chairs for Adults, a.k.a. the reallocation of chairman and ranking member slots on House and Senate committees and subcommittees.

Democrats Take Control of House; Republicans Add Seats in Senate

November 7, 2018 – 7:30 a.m. – The U.S. House of Representatives will switch to Democratic control on January 3, but with a smaller margin of control than Republicans have now. Meanwhile, Republicans will increase their current 51-49 seat margin in the U.S. Senate to somewhere between 53-47 and 56-44.

Eno Staff Favorites from 57 Years of TQ

November 2, 2018 – With the related announcement that the Eno Center has finally put the entire 57-year run of Traffic Quarterly (1947-1981) and Transportation Quarterly (1982-2003) online, some of the Eno staff have taken a look through those archives and singled out some articles that they found interesting or relevant.

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Major Transportation Funding Proposals on Next Week’s Ballot

November 2, 2018 – There are at least 291 transportation measures on the ballot this November to go along with the 196 that have already appeared before voters earlier this year. Eno is tracking these measures and has released a comprehensive listing of the 2018 transportation ballot measures.

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Agencies Issue Final Rule to Streamline Federal Permitting

November 2, 2018 – The Department of Transportation and three federal agencies issued a final rule this week that changes agency procedures under the National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) and Section 4(f) (now 49 U.S.C. 303 and 23 U.S.C. 138)—a step towards fulfilling provisions in recent federal transportation legislation.

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