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Guest Op-Ed: Automated Vehicles and the Future of the American Workforce

March 29, 2019 – Some critical questions businesses are asking themselves – especially those in the transportation sector – are:  1) How will automation affect our existing workers and the future of work, and 2) How can we facilitate the adoption of lifesaving technological advancements while also addressing the fears of those already working in these fields?

DOT Seeks to Designate Two New University Transportation Centers

September 27, 2018 – On September 21, the USDOT announced the availability of new grants for two additional University Transportation Centers (UTCs). UTCs conduct research, provide education and workforce development, and deliver technology transfer to potential users.

Guest Op-Ed: Investing in the Transportation Workforce of Tomorrow

August 15, 2018 – With the Transportation School, LA Metro has the opportunity to address our needs and, equally important, give back to the community by educating youth and providing them with the kind of good paying and quality jobs that sustain families and communities.

Op-Ed: What’s the big deal about celebrating Women’s History Month in the transportation industry?

Women still face challenges in the transportation industry — the same challenges faced by women across all industries: glass ceilings, lack of opportunity, lack of diversity, safety issues, unequal pay, and sexual harassment. These challenges hurt the industry as they waste time, money, and human resources, which affect critical mission achievement. There must be attention and intention to remove these barriers.

Careers In Motion at TRB 2018

As America faces the challenge of updating and repairing its aging infrastructure, policy makers and employers need to create a pipeline of hundreds of thousands of jobs in the transportation sector and in transportation-related projects—especially in the wake of a largely retiring workforce.

2017 Future Leaders Development Conference (LDC) Recap

The first Eno Future Leaders Development Conference (LDC) was held in 1993 as a means of bringing some of the best and brightest graduate students in transportation to the nation’s capital to gain a better understanding of how U.S. transportation policy is crafted.

Preparing for the Workforce Impacts of Automated Vehicles

May 19, 2017 – Automating the task of driving could dramatically change or eliminate a number of occupations. While this change is expected to take place over the course of decades, thinking about this problem now can empower governments to prepare for, and begin to mitigate, negative externalities of AVs.

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