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GAO Recommends TIGER Transparency

October 2, 2014 – Detailed analysis of a GAO report analyzing the process by which USDOT evaluated TIGER grant applicants and criticizing the lack of transparency in the process.

GAO Report Breaks Down FHWA Spending By Improvement Type

November 10, 2014 – Data underlying a recent GAO study reveals that in FY 2013, of the $41 billion in contract authority obligated by FHWA, ust under 6 percent of that $41 billion went to building new highways or bridges. Another 15 percent went to adding new capacity (usually, but not always, new lanes) to existing highways and bridges. 40 percent of the budget went to some kind of maintenance, rehab or refit of existing roads and bridges. Another 19 percent goes to engineering, right-of-way acquisition, planning and utilities, which are an integral part of all projects, but the way FHWA codes its expenses does not differentiate between planning/engineering/etc.

Three Ideas for Big City Departments of Transportation

The United States is increasingly a metropolitan nation, with more of the population concentrating in urban areas. The largest of these regions contribute disproportionately to our national economy, serving as centers of innovation and activity that create jobs opportunities, and economic benefits nationwide.

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