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Convergence: What Role Do Cities Play in a Changing Mobility Landscape?

At Eno’s Convergence conference on March 24, a session on “The Role of Cities in our Mobility Future” looked at a vital component...

1991 ISTEA – Section-by-Section Analysis of the Administration’s Bill

Section-by-section analysis provided by the Department of Transportation to Congress of the Bush Administration's proposed Surface...

FAST Act Section-by-Section Summary

This is version 2.1 of Team Eno's section-by-section summary of the conference agreement on H.R. 22, the FAST Act. Every section of...

1997 NEXTEA (Administration Bill) Section-by-Section Summary – Part 1

Part 1 of the section-by-section summary of the Clinton Administration's NEXTEA surface transportation reauthorization proposal.

1961 (Mar. 20) Statement by Sen. Williams on His Mass Transit Bill

Statement of Sen. Harrison Williams prepared in advance of the the March 20, 1961 Senate hearing on his urban mass transit bill, S. 345.

1961 Commerce/HHFA Report to JFK on Urban Mass Transit (Draft)

Undated draft report prepared by the Housing and Home Finance Administrator and the Secretary of Commerce for President Kennedy on...

1965 Highway Beautification Act

Text of Public Law 89-285, the Highway Beautification Act of 1965.

FY 1931 Supplemental Appropriations Act for Emergency Construction

Provided an additional $80 million for the federal-aid highway program, $3 million for roads on public lands, and $3 million for forest...

1928 Federal-Aid Highways Amendments Act

Text of Public Law 458 of the 70th Congress.

Countdown to Mainstreaming of Self-Driving Vehicles

BY EVA LERNER-LAM President, Palisades Consulting Group, Inc. There is a lot of excitement today about the concept of so-called...

Parking – For Institutions and Special Events

A concise and insightful look at the problems that medical centers, colleges, and socio-recreational sports complexes face in providing...

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