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Appropriations Work Continues (Behind the Scenes) Over August Recess

August 16, 2019 – It may be a quiet Congressional recess in most places around the nation’s capital, but work continues in some circles on the fiscal 2020 appropriations process, focusing on three areas: drafting an initial stopgap continuing resolution, making most of the hard choices on the Senate appropriations bills, and giving initial thought to how to downsize some of the House appropriations bills.

Senate Adjourns for 5 Weeks After Clearing Budget Deal, Nominees

August 1, 2019 – A week after the House of Representatives left town for the remainder of the summer, the U.S. Senate followed suit today, after clearing the bipartisan two-year budget deal and over 60 nominees (including two National Transportation Safety Board nominees). The chamber will be in recess until Monday, September 9.

Negotiators Say They Are Close to Two-Year Spending Caps and Debt Limit Deal

July 19, 2019 – Congressional leaders are frantically negotiating with Treasury Secretary Mnuchin (and, possibly, other Trump Administration officials) on a two-year debt ceiling increase that would also increase the Budget Control Act’s ceilings on defense and non-defense appropriations for fiscal years 2020 and 2021.

Pressure Grows to Reach Budget/Debt Deal Within 3 Weeks

July 12, 2019 – Pressure mounted on Congressional leaders this week to enact legislation increasing the public debt limit and statutory spending ceilings before Congress departs for its scheduled five-week August recess, which is to begin three weeks from today.

House Passes FY20 Transportation Appropriations

June 27, 2019 – This week, the House of Representatives debated and passed a five-bill package of appropriations measures that includes $87.7 billion in gross total budgetary resources for the U.S. Department of Transportation.

House to Debate FY20 USDOT Budget Monday

June 21, 2019 – The House of Representatives is scheduled to debate the U.S. Department of Transportation budget for fiscal year 2020 on Monday, June 24 as the House finishes up work on the second package of FY20 appropriations bills.

FY20 Corps of Engineers Funding Passes House

June 20, 2019 – A $2 trillion package of appropriations bills for fiscal year 2020 that includes the water resources program of the Army Corps of Engineers passed the House of Representatives yesterday by a party-line roll call vote of 226 yeas, 203 nays.

Rules Committee Allows 42 Amendments to FY20 DOT Budget

June 19, 2019 – At about 1 a.m. this morning, the House Rules Committee filed the first special rule making in order the second “minibus” package of appropriations bills (H.R. 3055) for consideration on the House floor later this week. The rule makes in order 290 amendments to the legislation, and of those, 42 pertain to the transportation budget.

FY20 Starts Slowly in House; Transportation-HUD Spending at Rules Next Week

June 14, 2019 – The House of Representatives finally started considering general appropriations bills for fiscal year 2020 this week, but there were early snags when a small core of anti-domestic-spending Republicans forced the House to take 70 roll call votes on amendments over an 18-hour period.

House Appropriators OK FY20 USDOT Budget in Drama-Free Markup

June 7, 2019 – The House Appropriations Committee on June 4 approved a $87.7 billion budget for the U.S. Department of Transportation, as part of an overall Transportation-Housing appropriations bill that passed by party-line vote of 29 yeas to 21 nays.

Corps of Engineers Funding Moving as Part of First “Minibus” Appropriations Package

June 7, 2019 – The House of Representatives will begin floor consideration of the fiscal 2020 appropriations bill this week, starting with a five-bill “minibus” package based on the Labor-HHS-Education spending bill (H.R. 2740). The Energy and Water Development appropriations bill, which includes the budget for the Army Corps of Engineers’ water resources program, has been incorporated as Division E of the package.

House Appropriators Boost FY20 Water Infrastructure Funding +$600m Over Last Year

May 16, 2019 – This week, the House Appropriations Committee released the text of the two draft fiscal 2020 general appropriations bills that fund federal water infrastructure programs at levels that are over $600 million above last year’s levels. Both bills – the Energy and Water Development bill and the Interior and Environment bill – were marked up in subcommittee, without amendment, yesterday.

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