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House T&I Roundtable Discusses FAST Act Motor Carrier Safety Provisions

April 14, 2016 – On April 13, Rep. Sam Graves (R-MO), chairman of the House Transportation and Infrastructure’s Highways and Transit Subcommittee, held a roundtable discussion about the implementation of Title V of the Fixing America’s Surface Transportation (FAST) Act, which addresses commercial truck and bus safety.

Tax Corrections Bill Tweaks Transit Benefits

April 12, 2016 – The chairmen of the tax-writing committees in the House and Senate introduced joint legislation this week to make “technical corrections” to a series of revenue laws enacted in recent years, several of which affect transportation programs (or the “pay-fors” from recent surface transportation laws).

Eno Launches New FAST Act Reference Pages

Eno has complied a full legislative history of the FAST Act and has also established a new FAST Act Reference Page as a one-stop-shop for information on the implementation of the law.

Senate Commerce Hearing Examines Amtrak’s National Network

On February 23 the Surface Transportation and Merchant Marine Infrastructure, Safety, and Security subcommittee from the Senate Commerce, Science, and Transportation held a hearing discussing reforms to Amtrak’s National Network, which consists of rail lines outside of the Northeast Corridor (NEC).

The President’s “21st Century Clean Transportation” Plan – Bold and Transformative, or Reminder of a Missed Opportunity?

February 10, 2016 – The most prominently hyped part of President Obama’s final budget (at least where transportation and infrastructure is concerned) is a massive plan to increase the U.S. Department of Transportation Highway Trust Fund’s spending on surface transportation by $303 billion over 10 years, above and beyond the levels called for in the just-enacted FAST Act. This spending, the “21st Century Clean Transportation Initiative,” would be paid for by a new fee/tax on crude oil of $10.25 per barrel, indexed to inflation, to be phased in over five years – but even that would not be enough money to pay for the whole thing, so the budget also proposes the Administration’s old standby of “proceeds from pro-business tax reform” to supplement the proceeds of the crude oil charge.

FMCSA Nominee Updates Congress on Safety Rulemakings

January 22, 2016 – Senators used a friendly confirmation hearing for the President’s nominee to head the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration as an opportunity to get updated on the status of many of FMCSA’s pending regulatory and enforcement actions this week.

FHWA Gives States $37.3 Billion in FAST Act Funding

January 14, 2016 – Last week, the Federal Highway Administration took the first steps towards implementing the FAST Act by giving states $37.3 billion in highway spending authority for fiscal year 2016. This represents an increase of $2.1 billion over the comparable FY 2015 number, an increase of 5.8 percent.

“FAST Act – The Good and the Bad”

The recent enactment of the “Fixing America’s Surface Transportation Act” (FAST Act) has rightly been acclaimed as a significant legislative achievement and an important step forward in national transportation policy.

President Signs FAST Act Into Law

December 5, 2015 – Late yesterday afternoon, President Obama signed into law the FAST Act (Fixing America’s Surface Transportation), H.R. 22. There was no ceremony and no fanfare – just a simple statement from the White House that the President had signed the bill (which followed a presidential statement from earlier yesterday morning saying that the bill was “not perfect, but it is a commonsense compromise, and an important first step in the right direction”).

Omnibus FY16 Appropriations Bill On Tap For Next Week

December 4, 2015 – Just as the dust is clearing from Congressional passage of the surface transportation reauthorization bill, Congress will move towards finalizing the fiscal year 2016 appropriations process next week, when a $1.1 trillion omnibus appropriations bill is expected to be unveiled.

$281 Billion? $305 Billion? What’s in a Number?

December 4, 2015 – In discussing the FAST Act conference agreement with many reporters over the last three days, there were a lot of “top-line” total dollar amounts being thrown around. Most of them are technically accurate but are used to describe different things.

Congress Clears FAST Act for Presidential Signature

December 4, 2015 – Yesterday, both chambers of Congress approved legislation providing $281 billion from the Highway Trust Fund for surface transportation programs over the next five fiscal years and authorizing the continuation of general fund surface programs as well.

Senate Approves FAST Act Conference Report, 83-16

Thursday, December 3, 2015 – 9:03 p.m. The U.S. Senate has agreed to the conference report on the five-year surface transportation authorization bill (H.R. 22, the FAST Act) by a 83-16 vote at 9:01 p.m., clearing the measure for President Obama’s … Sorry – you don’t have access to this item.

House Passes FAST Act, 359-65

December 3, 2015 – The House of Representatives has passed the conference report on the FAST Act (the five-year surface transportation reauthorization bill, H.R. 22) by the wide vote margin of 359 to 65.

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