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Eno’s “Convergence” Explores Intersection of Technology and Transportation

March 30, 2016 The Eno Center for Transportation held a one-day conference on March 24 that brought private sector technology and transportation companies together with public sector transportation leaders to explore the ways in which digital technology is changing the face of transportation and what those changes will look like in the years to come.

USDOT Announces Seven “Smart Cities” Finalists

March 17, 2016 – USDOT announced seven finalists for a “Smart Cities” challenge. The winner will get up to $40 million in Federal funds and another $10 million from Vulcan Inc., founded by Paul Allen, to one mid-sized U.S.

Eno’s Convergence to Address Transportation Mobility Innovations

This month Eno is hosting Convergence on March 24, which will bring together experts from the public and private sectors, leading academics, and game changing innovators to discuss one of the most pressing issues in transportation: technological innovation. During this forum we will spend the day with top thinkers in the field to explore the role of public policy in incentivizing the development and proliferation of groundbreaking technology enabled mobility options, while also ensuring public safety and the public interest.

USDOT Announces “Smart City Challenge”

December 9, 2015 – On Monday the U.S. Transportation Secretary Anthony Foxx held a press conference call to announce a “Smart City Challenge” which is boasting $40 million in prize money from USDOT for a winning city that submits the best application defining what a Smart City should be. The competition is aimed at mid-size cities with populations between 200,000 and 850,000, with the aim to select a winning city that has the potential to influence change within the financial constraints.

Eno Begins Work on Exploring “Digital Cities”

Today, ubiquitous wireless network availability, an ever-growing array of mobile applications, Big Data, and societal/demographic changes have created an environment in which information systems, shared vehicles, and on-demand services play an increasing role in metropolitan transportation

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