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FAA Faces Scrutiny and No Concrete Timeline for Return of Boeing 737 MAX

July 19, 2019 РAn emotionally charged House Aviation Subcommittee safety hearing on July 17 hearing featured testimony from  Paul Njoroge and Michael Stumo, family members of victims in the Ethiopian Airlines flight 302 crash, who called for and called for significant change.

House Panel Lets Pilots, Airlines Discuss 737 MAX

June 21, 2019 – ODA is actually a fairly recent revision of the previous DER system and one of the major changes in that is that the FAA no longer chooses their designees, they’re chosen by the manufacturer and so, again, the incentives are not aligned as consistently toward public good with those kinds of choices being made and depending upon who their supervisors are.

Guest Op-Ed: Safety, Shutdowns, and Air Traffic Control

March 29, 2019 – The recent government shutdown was just the latest of many instances in which FAA, its workforce, and the aviation industry have been held hostage by a political disagreement that has nothing to do with aviation.

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