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Thune Initiates “Hotline” of AV START

December 1, 2017 – Before the year comes to a close, Senate Commerce chairman John Thune (R-SD) is attempting to rally his colleagues to pass a bill that would create the nation’s first automated vehicle (AV) laws, AV START (S. 1885). Yesterday, Thune initiated the “hotline” process for the bill.

AV Bills Are Gathering Momentum Once Again

November 16, 2017 – ETW has learned from representatives of industry and advocacy groups engaged in the process that the AV START Act might be “hotlined” before the end of the month.

Op-Ed: The Road Ahead for Self-Driving Car Legislation

We don’t have to accept a world where millions of accidents and tens of thousands of fatalities on the road are a necessary evil of driving. The SELF DRIVE Act is legislation I authored, and the House of Representatives passed, which will help ensure the safe and innovative development, testing, and deployment of self-driving cars across the country. Most important, these vehicles could make an incredible difference in making our roadways safer.

Scenario Planning for Automated Vehicles

In region after region, a growing chorus of leaders are calling for their city and metropolitan area to plan for a future of automated vehicles (AVs). Often these calls fall along a binary argument between what analysts call the “heaven’ and ‘hell’ scenarios (or ‘utopia’ or ‘dystopia’ visions) for AVs.

A Primer on Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards and AVs

October 27, 2017 – As Congress considers legislation that would preempt states from each creating their own motor vehicle standards for AVs, it is important to understand how vehicle standards have traditionally been set at the national level – and how standards for AVs may take an entirely different shape.

Senate Commerce Advances Automated Vehicle Bill, “AV START”

October 4, 2017- Earlier today, the Senate Commerce, Science and Transportation Committee voted to advance S. 1885, the AV START Act. The bill was drafted in a bipartisan process led by John Thune (R-SD) and Senator Gary Peters (D-MI), who have been working in earnest with committee members and stakeholders throughout this year.

USDOT Revamps Voluntary Guidance for AV Manufacturers (Pt. 2)

Although USDOT’s new voluntary guidance is focused on manufacturers, it addresses many of the questions that the transportation and city planning sectors – and society at large – have been asking: will AVs be capable of safe operation? How will humans interact with them? Are cybersecurity risks being addressed?