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House Democrats Claim Sequestration Woes From Shuster FAA Bill

October 30, 2017 – Democratic leaders of the House Transportation and Infrastructure Committee earlier today sent a letter to colleagues in the chamber, stating that the air traffic control corporatization bill passed by the committee earlier this year (H.R. 2997) would, if its latest public incarnation were enacted, trigger a new round of budgetary sequestration on the mandatory side of the budget that would threaten Medicare and other popular entitlement programs.

Another False Alarm: FAA Reform Bill Not On Next Week’s House Schedule, Either

October 5, 2017 – House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) once again today did not mention the stalled Federal Aviation Administration reauthorization bill (H.R. 2997) when announcing next week’s floor schedule for the House of Representatives. This despite an announcement earlier this week from the chairman of the House Rules Committee saying that the panel was “likely to meet the week of October 9th to grant a rule that may provide a structured amendment process” for the bill.

Governance of a Nonprofit ATC Provider: A Primer

September 8, 2017 – How would the governance structure of a private non-profit air traffic control corporation work? In this article we’ll provide an overview of the proposed governance model, and how it has been implemented by the Canadians in their own nonprofit ATC provider, NAV CANADA.

USDOT I.G. Criticizes NextGen Cost-Benefit Analysis

September 7, 2017 – The USDOT Inspector General made public this week an August 15 letter with their analysis on the Federal Aviation Administration’s (FAA) most recent business case for NextGen, the agency’s ongoing program to modernize air traffic control (ATC).

Congress Faces Busy September On Spending, Debt, AVs, Aviation

September 5, 2017 – 9:30 a.m. – Congress returns to the nation’s capital today (the House at 2 p.m.; the Senate at 3 p.m.) for a busy month’s work. The House is scheduled to vote on omnibus FY 2018 appropriations, the first tranche of FY 2017 relief for areas flooded by Hurricane Harvey, and the first federal legislation regulating autonomous vehicles this week. Later this month, the House may take up legislation reauthorizing the Federal Aviation Administration.

CBO Issues Updated, but Still-Incomplete, Score of House FAA Bill

August 16, 2017 – The Congressional Budget Office has issued an updated, but still incomplete, score of the budgetary impact of the Federal Aviation Administration reauthorization bill approved by the House Transportation and Infrastructure Committee (H.R. 2997).

It’s Official: House FAA Bill On Hold Until September

July 28, 2017 – The House of Representatives has finished its summer agenda and left town for the long August recess, not to return until after Labor Day.The House did not act on the Federal Aviation Administration reauthorization bill (H.R. 2997), meaning that the legislation has to wait until Congress returns in September (at the earliest).

FAA Bill Stalled in House

July 20, 2017 – Legislation reauthorizing federal aviation programs and splitting up the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) has stalled on the way to the House floor, as party leaders try to nail down an elusive majority of the House in support of the bill. Sources say it is increasingly likely that House consideration of the bill (H.R.

House Scheduled to Consider Air Traffic Control Spinoff Bill Next Week

July 13, 2017 – The House of Representatives may consider the Federal Aviation Administration reauthorization bill (H.R. 2997) as early as next Wednesday since the House Rules Committee has announced an amendment schedule for the bill. The bill would split up the FAA and turn air traffic control (ATC) provision over to a private, non-profit corporation.

House Panel Close to Approving FAA Reauthorization Bill

June 27, 2017 – 5:20 p.m. At this hour the House Transportation and Infrastructure Committee is continuing its day-long business meeting to consider and amend the FAA reauthorization bill (H.R. 2997) introduced last week by panel chairman Bill Shu… This content is for Eno members only.

House, Senate FAA Bills Introduced

June 22, 2017 – In the “when it rains, it pours” department, the chairmen of the transportation committees in both houses of Congress introduced their differing bills to reauthorize the programs of the Federal Aviation Administration.