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CR Extension Through Feb. 16 Introduced in House

January 16, 2018 – 10:07 p.m. Earlier this evening, House leaders unveiled the latest legislative attempt to keep the federal government running past the expiration of most appropriations at midnight on January 19. This legislation, to be consider… Sorry – you don’t have access to this item.

4-Week CR Likely As Budget Talks Continue

January 12, 2018 – With Congress staring down a fiscal year 2018 appropriations expiration date of January 19, yet another stopgap continuing resolution (CR) will come to the House floor next week. 

House GOP Almost Doubles Hurricane Aid Package

December 22, 2017 – Yesterday, the House of Representatives passed an $81 billion package of emergency supplemental appropriations for hurricane and wildfire relief by a vote of 251 to 169.

CR to January 19 Filed, but Appropriations Endgame Still Unclear

January 15, 2017 – This week, the chairman of the House Appropriations Committee introduced legislation (H. J. Res. 124) that would appropriate $663 billion for the Defense Department for fiscal year 2018 and would fund the rest of the government on a continuing, stopgap basis until January 19, 2018. But it is unlikely that this legislation, as is, has the votes needed to pass the Senate next week.

Senate PFC Provision Would Lead to $944M in Federal Tax Losses, Say Scorekeepers

December 6, 2017 – The Congressional Budget Office and the Joint Committee on Taxation have determined that the provision in the Senate’s Transportation-HUD appropriations bill for fiscal year 2018 that would increase the maximum allowable airport passenger facility charge (PFC) will, if enacted, reduce federal tax receipts by $944 million over the next ten years.

Negotiators Work on FY18-19 Budget Deal to Allow FY18 Omnibus

November 21, 2017 – Congressional leaders are trying to negotiate another two-year budget deal by the end of this month to adjust the statutory caps on annual discretionary appropriations under the Budget Control Act to allow an omnibus appropriations bill for fiscal 2018 to be written and passed. Amounts under discussion would be an increase of over $90 billion per year from current law.

No Budget = Delayed FY18 Omnibus = Delayed FAST Act Funding Increases and Discretionary Grants

November 9, 2017 – Conspicuously absent from Congress’s pre-Thanksgiving agenda is any kind of final deal amending the Budget Control Act’s caps on discretionary appropriations for fiscal year 2018. The ramifications of this delay could include pushing enactment of a final appropriations package for fiscal 2018 into next January or February, which would in turn delay the FAST Act’s Highway Trust Fund apportionment increases for a month past that, and delay 2018 TIGER and other discretionary grants even longer.

Debate Terms Set for Transportation, Homeland Portions of FY18 Omnibus Appropriations

September 6, 2017 – 12:15 a.m. – The House Rules Committee at 10:45 p.m. last night approved terms for debate for the Department of Transportation and Department of Homeland Security portions of the omnibus appropriations bill for FY 2018 (H.R. 3354). The text of the rule for the special procedures is here. The rule is House Resolution 500.

Congress Faces Busy September On Spending, Debt, AVs, Aviation

September 5, 2017 – 9:30 a.m. – Congress returns to the nation’s capital today (the House at 2 p.m.; the Senate at 3 p.m.) for a busy month’s work. The House is scheduled to vote on omnibus FY 2018 appropriations, the first tranche of FY 2017 relief for areas flooded by Hurricane Harvey, and the first federal legislation regulating autonomous vehicles this week. Later this month, the House may take up legislation reauthorizing the Federal Aviation Administration.