All Aboard Florida: No logic to all about freight argument

May 01–All Aboard Florida’s pursuit of its express passenger rail line has been dogged by one persistent, unshakable criticism — the idea that the Orlando to Miami train is a ruse to increase Florida East Coast Railway’s capacity for freight. Opponents have latched onto the widening of the Panama Canal as proof that the more… READ MORE »

Modernize our air traffic control system sooner, not later

BY Secretary Jim Burnley and Senator Byron Dorgan

Given the choice between flying across the country in an airplane built in the 1940s and a modern, 21st century aircraft, most travelers likely would choose the latter. But every day, U.S. flyers rely on flight crews and air traffic controllers using World War II-era technology. That’s because the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) has been using… READ MORE »

Is Metro really so bad?

BY Paul Duggan

After studying a half-dozen big transit agencies — in Boston, New York, Chicago, San Francisco, Dallas-Fort Worth and Minneapolis-St. Paul — Joshua Schank, president of the D.C.-based Eno Center for Transportation, has some positive things to say about the Washington area’s much-criticized subway system. “The grass is always greener, right?” said Schank, referring to a… READ MORE »

Operational apples and oranges: Comparing Boston, D.C. rail systems

BY Paul Duggan

After record-setting winter storms this year crippled the Boston area’s aged public transit system, Massachusetts Gov. Charlie Baker (R) wasted no time in trying to reform an agency that operates one of the nation’s busiest rail and bus networks. The region was buried under 70-plus inches of snow (eventually the total would exceed 108 inches)… READ MORE »

CAGTC announces new director, board members

BY Eric Kulisch

Leslie Blakey is stepping aside after 14 years as executive director of the Coalition for America’s Gateways and Trade Corridors so she can focus on other clients as well at Blakey & Agnew, a public relations and communications firm in Washington. Replacing her in the day-to-day running of the organization is Elaine Nessle, who previously… READ MORE »

Baker Takes Aim at ‘Target-Rich’ MBTA Overhaul Opportunities

BY Paul Burton

After Boston’s mass transit system ground to a halt during the region’s harsh winter, the wheels for overhauling the agency that runs it have begun to turn. Gov. Charlie Baker, acting quickly on a scathing report by his own hand-picked panel about Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority operations, filed far-reaching legislation on Wednesday that among other… READ MORE »

Americans Are Re-Embracing Driving. What Does It Mean For Transit?

BY Martin Di Caro

Americans are driving more, and you don’t need to be an expert to realize the extra traffic will put even more stress on our aging highway system. But simply expanding highways may not be the answer. New data from the federal government says Americans drove more than 220 billion miles in February, the second-most ever… READ MORE »

Your Fuel-Sipping Car Screwed Up the Funding to Fix This

BY Mark Niquette

U.S. states are taking more financial responsibility for roads and bridges as the expiration of federal transportation funding approaches, straining a partnership that dates to the administration of President Dwight D. Eisenhower in the 1950s. At least six states have delayed about $2 billion in construction projects because of the uncertainty, and others are making… READ MORE »

Should The Government Get Out Of The Air Traffic Control Business?

BY Brian Naylor

Keeping track of the traffic in the skies above us is a big job. The nation’s air traffic control system has been reliable, but it’s not very efficient. And efforts to replace it with newer technology have gotten bogged down by a combination of uncertain congressional funding and the slow-moving federal bureaucracy. Now, some in… READ MORE »

Weekend T riders face earlier trip home, but it could be worse

BY Nicole Dungca

When the state Department of Transportation board last week agreed to continue weekend late-night service by the MBTA but reduced the frequency of buses and subway trains, at least one T patron called it “mediocre news.” Andy Monat is a close T watcher who runs a website,, that helps riders track subway and bus arrivals. He… READ MORE »