Report Calls for Sweeping Changes to U.S. Air Traffic Control
Today, the Eno Center for Transportation released Time for Reform: Delivering Modern Air Traffic Control. The report calls for taking air traffic control out of the Federal Aviation Administration in favor of either a government corporation or an independent, non-profit organization. It also proposes a new funding structure that relies on user fees, rather than the current mix of taxes and general funds.
By Ann Henebery|Communications Manager
Three Things to Know About the Other Smart Cities
Although one city received the award, another goal behind the initiative was to encourage cities to actively engage with local partners and develop a pragmatic vision for the role technology would play in their local transportation system. To discuss the progress among the finalist cities after the Smart City Challenge, Eno convened a panel of representatives from three of these cities
By Rui Neiva|Policy Analyst
How Can Automation Improve Freight Delivery?
Given the ground-based technologies of both Peloton and Starship, most of the discussion focused on ground shipments, but since Peloton’s model focuses on interstate commerce (helping tractor-trailers to drive in tandem more efficiently, at least as an initial phase of development) and Starship focuses on the last mile or less (delivering packages in an urban setting), the two technologies are aimed at very different kinds of purchasers
By Jeff Davis|Senior Fellow and Editor, Eno Transportation Weekly

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