Washington, D.C. skyline with highways and monuments.
Capital Convergence 2017
Transportation is at a historical turning point. Thanks to dramatic technology advancements, the traveling public has a plethora of new options, the industry is full of new players, and traditional institutions are being forced to rethink their roles. As policymakers and public agencies grapple with these changes, places around the country are designing partnerships, regulations and investments to continue to facilitate the convergence of transportation and technology.
By Ann Henebery|Communications Manager
Autonomous Vehicles Receive USDOT’s Blessing Under New Guidance
As we discussed last month, AV manufacturers and tech firms have faced constant regulatory uncertainty at the federal level – due to NHTSA’s inaction – and the state level, thanks to a patchwork of inconsistent (or nonexistent) regulations. Yet this did not stop tech giants like Google, Uber, or Tesla from testing or deploying their self-driving (and semi self-driving) prototypes
By Greg Rogers|Communications Specialist and Assistant Editor, Eno Transportation Weekly

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