(Photo by Michael Francis McElroy/Getty Images)
A Tale of Two Airports
During this Presidential campaign, much has been made of the differences between Republicans and Democrats. And for those folks flying into Cleveland and Philadelphia for their respective party conventions, the contrasts when it comes to air access are nearly as stark as the party lines.
By Rui Neiva|Policy Analyst
Public Transit Keeps Orlando Moving Despite Tragedy
Lynx is the regional public bus agency in Orlando, Florida. It provides fixed route bus service over a 3-county region (the area of which is larger than Delaware). The agency provides over 100,000 rides every weekday and made a record 30.1 million passenger trips in 2014.
By Ann Henebery|Communications Manager
In the Spotlight: Matt Cole, Cubic Transportation Systems
For this month’s In the Spotlight article, we decided to catch up with the man in charge of Cubic Transportation Systems (CTS). CTS is a subset of the Cubic Corporation, a global defense and transportation company. They specialize in transportation payment systems. You have probably interacted with Cubic’s technology. London’s Oyster Card, Chicago’s Ventra system, and many other such systems around the world are all products of Cubic.

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