Op-Ed: The Future of Transportation Is Unremarkable
Futuristic transportation modes would undoubtedly change the nature of transportation, but widespread implementation is not realistic. Too much attention on ultramodern technology in transportation distracts us from the mundane but crucial improvements that must be made to the existing system.
By Paul Lewis|Vice President, Policy and Finance
What Is the “Gateway Program”?
Last week’s House hearing on passenger rail programs included testimony on the Gateway Program, a $24+ billion portfolio of rail projects in New York and New Jersey that would support both Amtrak and regional commuter rail and mass transit systems.
By Jeff Davis|Senior Fellow and Editor, Eno Transportation Weekly
Report Calls State Policymakers To Action on Automated Vehicles
Eno’s report examines three primary concerns for state governments: regulations, infrastructure investment and funding, and research and workforce training. The report explores the state of AV technology, reviews existing policies, and establishes actionable recommendations for states around the country.
By Ann Henebery|Communications Manager

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