DC’s P3 Office Hits the Ground Running
In a continuation of one of the latest trends in transportation, D.C. public agencies that are interested in working with the private sector now have a dedicated, full-time office to help navigate the process – D.C.’s Office of Public-Private Partnerships (OP3).
Aston, PA, USA - September 22, 2016: Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump delivers a speech at a rally in Aston, Pennsylvania.
2017 Will Be All About President Trump’s Budget
Focusing on the “first 100 days” of a new Presidency is an artificial deadline. The real window for a productive first term of a new Administration is the first six to seven months – from Inauguration Day until whenever the House and Senate leave for their August recess. And much of that involves the new President’s first budget.
By Jeff Davis|Senior Fellow and Editor, Eno Transportation Weekly

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