Ahead of the Curb: The Case for Shared Use Mobility (SUM) Zones
January 18, 2017 - TNCs do not have a home on our streets, and freight vehicles do not have enough commercial loading zones and parking places to accommodate booming ecommerce. Enter Shared Use Mobility Zones (SUM Zones), a flexible curb management tool that can help cities reduce congestion, meet their mobility goals, adapt to emerging technologies, and even increase their revenue.
By Greg Rogers |Senior Policy Analyst and Assistant Editor of Eno Transportation Weekly (ETW)
UpRouted: Exploring Microtransit in the United States
In the United States, public transportation agencies are experimenting with on-demand, shared, and dynamic models to augment traditional fixed-route bus and train services. These services—referred to as microtransit— are enabled by technology similar to the mobile smartphone applications pioneered by privately operated transportation network companies.
By Ann Henebery-Phelan |Communications Manager

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